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What We Troubleshoot

Web browser & @sssnet.com email account setup

Troubleshoot internet software that we support and is licensed to your machine

Set up internet browsers, email accounts (@sssnet.com email only) and online gaming systems

Adjust your browser plug-ins and security settings for maximum performance and safety so you get the most out of your internet service


Inspect and remove viruses from your computer

Set up automatic virus scanning for anti-virus software that is installed and licensed to your machine

Advise you on anti-virus software purchases and installation for machines that do not have anti-virus software installed


Inspect and remove spyware

Set up pop-up window blocking

Advise you on what anti-software spyware is installed on your machine and how to periodically update it

File Sharing

Inspect for file sharing programs and files

Advise you when certain file sharing activities violate copyright laws

Advise you when shared files and programs are hampering the performance of your computer

Background Programs

Inspect computer for background programs that may be consuming excessive amounts of your machine’s resources

Stop or remove background programs

Advise you on how to keep these types of programs off your machine

Operating System & Hardware

Inspect the operating system for missing or corrupt files. If we find a problem, we will provide recommendations for resolving the issue

Advise you of system hardware problems that are uncovered as well as recommended resolutions

Network Cards

Inspect the network card

Faulty network cards that are under warranty and were purchased from MCTV will be replaced at no charge. The charge to replace or install a network card not under warranty is $30

Wireless Routers (House Calls Only)

Install a wireless router and set up security if the homeowner has already purchased and unboxed the necessary equipment

Prices exclude applicable taxes, fees and any other one-time charges. Prices for IT Department service are subject to change. IT Guys can only help with limited issues on tablets and Chromebooks due to the devices’ cloud-based software and programs. MCTV’s IT Guys services do not include problems relating to printers, cameras, scanners, copiers, wireless mouse or keyboard issues, non-internet related expansion boards, Vonage or other VoIP phone systems, formatting or reloading of Windows, inspecting or deleting customer’s personal files, copy or transfer of customer files or loading software – except software to fix a problem we support. MCTV do not help with setting up new computers. MCTV is not responsible for data lost during servicing. In-office repairs are typically completed within four business days but may take longer.