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What is selective call rejection (*60) and how do I use it?

Selective call rejection (*60) permits you to specify up to 12 phone numbers that will be screened out from calling you. When a call is placed to you from one of these numbers, the caller will hear a message stating that you are not currently receiving calls.

Selective call rejection does not block private or unknown numbers.

To activate or deactivate this feature, dial *60. You will then hear an ON/OFF announcement. To toggle the ON/OFF feature, dial 3.

To add a number to your list:

  1. Dial *60 then the # sign
  2. Once you hear the tone enter the selected phone number including area code
  3. Press the # button and hang up

To add the number of your last incoming call:

  1. Dial *60
  2. Dial #01#
  3. Hang up the phone

To remove or hear the phone number on your list, dial *60 and listen to the instructions.