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What is selective call forwarding (*63) and how do I use it?

Selective call forwarding (*63) permits you to specify up to 12 phone numbers that will be forwarded to a second phone number. All other calls will ring through.

To activate or deactivate this feature, dial *63. You will then hear an ON/OFF announcement. To toggle the ON/OFF feature, dial 3.

To add a number to your list:

  1. Dial *63 then the # sign
  2. Once you hear the tone enter the selected phone number including area code
  3. Press the # button and hang up

To add the number of your last incoming call:

  1. Dial *63
  2. Dial #01#
  3. Hang up the phone

To remove or hear the phone numbers on your list, dial *63 and listen to the instructions.

NOTE: selective call forwarding and call forwarding can be provided on the same line but cannot be activated at the same time. The destination of your selective call forwarding may be local or long distance. Toll charges for calls forwarded to a long distance number may apply.