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What is MCTV's policy regarding non-payment disconnection?

If any portion of your account is more than 45 days past due, your service may be disconnected at any time without notice. 

If your service is disconnected, it is up to you to call the office and arrange to have the service reconnected. Service will be reconnected only after the full balance due and reconnection charge are both received.

You will receive a courtesy message via phone call or Internet browser message (MCTV Internet customers only) that your account is pending for disconnection. After that, 2-way set-top boxes or cable modems in your office will be shut off remotely. To have services restored, the entire past due balance plus a reconnection fee must be paid.

If your payment is not received, a technician will be sent to recover equipment in your home and disconnect service at the pole. If a technician is sent to your location, he or she will attempt to collect the full balance due on your account. If you decide to pay the technician, a collection charge must also be paid.