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What are the benefits of a set-top box over using my TV's built-in QAM tuner?

With a QAM tuner, you can view SD and HD channels on the Lifeline lineup and SD channels on the Basic lineup. You will also have to learn a new lineup and may have to periodically perform a re-scan to pick up new channels or find channels when they are realigned.

A set-top box allows you to:

  • View all channels and packages. With an HD set-top box, you can receive all HD channels included in your cable TV package.
  • Add Basic Plus or HD Essentials, sports packages and premium channels.
  • Have access to On Demand content including movies, TV shows, events and more. There is a charge for some On Demand content but there is also plenty of free content.
  • Purchase pay-per-view events and specials.
  • Take advantage of parental controls and the on-screen program guide. The on-screen program guide will show you what’s currently on and information for shows up to two weeks in advance (depends on the set-top box model).
  • DVR boxes are available to allow you to pause and rewind live TV and record you favorite TV series with the click of a button.