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Movie Poster #nudes - $4.99
Available: March 6th - June 4thLength: 1:44
Description: (In Portuguese with English Subtitles) Maisa and Leonardo's marriage is put to the test when they meet another couple. Starring Yolanda de Paulo and Gabriela Pimenta.

Movie Poster 1,000 Times Good Night - $2.99
Available: April 2nd - July 1stLength: 1:58
Description: 1,000 Times Good Night - Top war journalist Rebecca is given an ultimatum by her husband: her work or her family. Starring Juliette Binoche and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. (CC)

Movie Poster 101 Dalmatians (live-action) (1996) - $2.99
Available: April 5th - July 4thLength: 1:43
Description: 101 DALMATIANS (LIVE-ACTION) (1996) - Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita are overjoyed by the arrival of 15 puppies. Stars Glenn Close, Hugh Laurie. (CC)

Movie Poster 1275 Days - $4.99
Available: March 3rd - June 1stLength: 1:21
Description: A young woman's repressed memory of having killed someone when she was twelve years old comes back 13 years later. Starring Blake Lyman. (CC)

Movie Poster 1917 - $4.99
Available: March 24th - September 24thLength: 1:59
Description: Two British soldiers must cross enemy territory and deliver a timely message to stop a deadly attack. Starring George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman. (CC)

Movie Poster 1br - $4.99
Available: May 25th - July 23rdLength: 1:30
Description: Sarah scores the perfect apartment only to discover that her neighbors may harbor a dangerous secret. Starring Nicole Brydon Bloom and Giles Matthey. (CC)

Movie Poster 2 Graves in the Desert - $4.99
Available: March 3rd - June 1stLength: 1:24
Description: 2 GRAVES IN THE DESERT - A man and woman wake up to find themselves tied and gagged in the trunk of a truck. Starring William Baldwin and Michael Madsen. (CC)

Movie Poster 2030 - $4.99
Available: February 25th - June 24thLength: 1:43
Description: Johnny Boston was 10 years old when he first met FM-2030, a futurist who intended to live forever. Starring FM-2030 and Johnny Boston. (CC)

Movie Poster 2099: The Soldier Protocol - $4.99
Available: April 27th - July 25thLength: 1:25
Description: 2099: THE SOLDIER PROTOCOL - A biotech company offers a paraplegic his legs back, in exchange for volunteering in an experiment. Starring David Arquette and Jackson Gallagher. (CC)

Movie Poster 21 Bridges - $4.99
Available: February 18th - July 31stLength: 1:40
Description: An embattled NYPD detective hunts a pair of cop killers after uncovering a massive conspiracy. Starring Chadwick Boseman and Sienna Miller. (CC)

Movie Poster 4 Presidents: Oval Office Conspiracies - $4.99
Available: March 1st - May 30thLength: 1:42
Description: 4 PRESIDENTS: OVAL OFFICE CONSPIRACIES - What is the common thread among the only four U.S. Presidents who have been assassinated? Starring Andrew Gause and Buddy Fitzpatrick. (CC)

Movie Poster 545 Madd Maxx: 1970 Mustang Fastback - $4.99
Available: February 4th - June 3rdLength: 1:10
Description: 545 MADD MAXX: 1970 MUSTANG FASTBACK - A true Speed Demon Legend of the streets, the MADD MAXX will drive you if you don't drive it. Starring Kaptain Robbie Knievel and Rick Wallen. (CC)

Movie Poster 8 Slices - $4.99
Available: April 1st - June 30thLength: 1:23
Description: A new hire joins a small town pizza restaurant just as the business starts to fail. Starring Jesse C. Boyd and Kathy Searle. (CC)

Movie Poster Abe - $4.99
Available: April 17th - July 20thLength: 1:26
Description: A half-Israeli, half-Palestinian teenage chef tries to cook the perfect meal to bring his family together. Starring Noah Schnapp and Seu Jorge. (CC)

Movie Poster Abigail - $4.99
Available: March 17th - June 17thLength: 1:51
Description: Abby embarks on a magical quest to uncover the truth about her father's disappearance. Starring Tinatin Dalakisvili and Eddie Marsan. (CC)

Movie Poster Abominable - $4.99
Available: April 14th - July 13thLength: 1:12
Description: A research team discovers that a Yeti hides in the mountains and will do anything to protect its terrain. Starring Katrina Mattson and Amy Gordon. (CC)

Movie Poster Act of Defiance, An - $4.99
Available: May 8th - August 6thLength: 2:04
Description: ACT OF DEFIANCE, AN - (In Afrikaans with English Subtitles) In apartheid South Africa, a lawyer defends a group of resistance activists, including Nelson Mandela. Starring Peter Paul Muller and Antoinette Louw.

Movie Poster Ad Astra - $4.99
Available: December 17th - May 31stLength: 2:03
Description: An astronaut journeys across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father. Starring Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones. (CC)

Movie Poster Adam Ferrara: Funny as Hell - $2.99
Available: April 14th - July 13thLength: 1:01
Description: ADAM FERRARA: FUNNY AS HELL - Veteran stand-up comedian Adam Ferrara takes the stage to regale his audience with sidesplittingly funny and all-too-true observations about life. (CC)

Movie Poster Addams Family, The (2019) - $4.99
Available: January 21st - June 23rdLength: 1:27
Description: ADDAMS FAMILY, THE (2019) - The Addams family's lives begin to unravel when they face-off against a crafty reality-TV host. Starring Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron. (CC)

Movie Poster Addicted to You - $4.99
Available: February 7th - June 6thLength: 1:39
Description: ADDICTED TO YOU - Luke Peters is hell-bent on avoiding love, so he poses as a recovering sex addict to ditch a clingy girl. Starring Shane Hartline and Cat Alter. (CC)

Movie Poster Adopt a Highway - $4.99
Available: December 24th - June 24thLength: 1:21
Description: ADOPT A HIGHWAY - Released from prison following a twenty year sentence, an ex-con finds an abandoned baby in a dumpster. Starring Ethan Hawke and Elaine Hendrix. (CC)

Movie Poster Adventure of A.R.I.: My Robot Friend, The - $4.99
Available: March 10th - September 10thLength: 1:29
Description: ADVENTURE OF A.R.I.: MY ROBOT FRIEND, THE - A boy repairs a broken robot, but the robot's creators will stop at nothing to get him back! Starring Jude Manley and Sophia Alongi. (CC)

Movie Poster Adventureland - $2.99
Available: May 5th - July 4thLength: 1:47
Description: Welcome to Adventureland, where the worst job imaginable is about to inadvertently turn into the summer that changes everything. Stars Jesse Eisenberg, Bill Hader. (CC)

Movie Poster Adventures of Acela, The - $4.99
Available: March 1st - May 30thLength: 1:10
Description: ADVENTURES OF ACELA, THE - Acela and her friends journey into a mysterious forest to discover the village's legend of the Taleteller. Starring Trinity Santos and Nic Ferg. (CC)

Movie Poster Adventures of Huck Finn, The - $2.99
Available: April 5th - July 4thLength: 1:48
Description: ADVENTURES OF HUCK FINN, THE - Huckleberry Finn, a mischievous youngster, runs away from home and follows the Mississippi River with an escaped slave. Stars Elijah Wood, Courtney Vance. (CC)

Movie Poster Adventures of Rufus: The Fantastic Pet - $4.99
Available: May 26th - November 27thLength: 1:23
Description: ADVENTURES OF RUFUS: THE FANTASTIC PET - Scott and his friend Emily battle an evil sorceress to help furry hero Rufus save a fading kingdom. Starring Kyler Charles Beck and Madelyn Kientz. (CC)

Movie Poster After Midnight - $4.99
Available: April 14th - October 14thLength: 1:23
Description: AFTER MIDNIGHT - Ten years into a storybook romance, Hank wakes up to an empty home... and then a ferocious creature appears. Starring Jeremy Gardner and Brea Grant. (CC)

Movie Poster Agatha And the Truth of Murder - $4.99
Available: April 7th - July 7thLength: 1:32
Description: AGATHA AND THE TRUTH OF MURDER - Agatha Christie, a young mystery writer, is commissioned to solve a real-life murder. Starring Ruth Bradley and Pippa Haywood. (CC)

Movie Poster Agent Toby Barks - $4.99
Available: April 14th - October 14thLength: 1:23
Description: AGENT TOBY BARKS - Two teen kids discover that their pet dog Toby can hack a computer, fight bad guys - and talk! Starring Casey Seymour Kim and Fred Sullivan. (CC)

Movie Poster Alice in Wonderland (1951) - $2.99
Available: May 5th - August 3rdLength: 1:15
Description: ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1951) - Join Alice as she falls into the madcap world of Wonderland and meets extraordinary characters such as Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Stars Kathryn Beaumont, Ed Wynn. (CC)

Movie Poster Alien Agenda - $4.99
Available: March 3rd - July 1stLength: 1:02
Description: Aliens and UFOs are visiting Earth, but what do they want and why are they here? Starring Rick Wallen and Razor Keeves. (CC)

Movie Poster Alien Contact - $4.99
Available: February 4th - June 3rdLength: 1:11
Description: ALIEN CONTACT - Are Government and Military officials preparing the public for the disclosure of the ET presence on Earth? Starring Charles Washington and OH Krill. (CC)

Movie Poster Alien Origins: Beings of Light - $4.99
Available: April 28th - August 26thLength: 1:17
Description: ALIEN ORIGINS: BEINGS OF LIGHT - We have made contact with beings from another world as well as entities from other dimensions that possess the most sacred knowledge in the cosmos. (CC)

Movie Poster Alien: Covenant - $2.99
Available: May 5th - August 3rdLength: 2:02
Description: Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created, with ALIEN: COVENANT. The crew of the ship Covenant uncovers a threat beyond their imagination and must attempt a harrowing escape. Stars Michael Fassbender & Katherine Waterston. (CC)

Movie Poster All for Nikki - $4.99
Available: May 12th - August 11thLength: 1:29
Description: A night spirals out of control when a wannabe musician and his girlfriend are robbed by two paramedics. Starring Grant Harvey and Gia Mantenga. (CC)

Movie Poster Almost Love - $4.99
Available: May 4th - August 1stLength: 1:32
Description: Adam and Marklin muddle their way through life, love, and friendships. Starring Scott Evans and Augustis Prew. (CC)

Movie Poster Alone - $4.99
Available: January 17th - July 17thLength: 1:20
Description: A writer seeking peace and solitude realizes her inner demons are not the worst of her problems. Starring Elizabeth Arends and Bailey Coppola. (CC)

Movie Poster Amelia - $2.99
Available: March 22nd - June 20thLength: 1:51
Description: After becoming the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, Amelia was thrust into a new role as America's sweetheart the legendary 'goddess of light,' known for her bold, larger-than-life charisma. Stars Hilary Swank, Richard Gere. (CC)

Movie Poster American Gospel: Christ Crucified - $4.99
Available: May 5th - August 3rdLength: 2:57
Description: AMERICAN GOSPEL: CHRIST CRUCIFIED - Conservative and progressive theologians debate the meaning of the cross, the attributes of God, and the most difficult parts of the Christian gospel. (CC)

Movie Poster American Psychos - $4.99
Available: March 3rd - September 3rdLength: 1:30
Description: AMERICAN PSYCHOS - Renee's is thrilled when her shy daughter befriends Olivia, but Olivia's bossiness turns into abuse. Starring Juliana Destefano and Alexandra Doke. (CC)

Movie Poster American Sniper - $4
Available: May 10th - June 9thLength: 2:13
Description: U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is sent to Iraq with only one mission to protect his brothers-in-arms. His pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield. Stars Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller. (CC)

Movie Poster American Terrorist - $4.99
Available: March 17th - September 17thLength: 1:17
Description: AMERICAN TERRORIST - In the wake of the September 11th attacks, two brothers embark on a swath of vigilante justice. Starring Peter Cambor and Lacey Dorn. (CC)

Movie Poster Amityville Island - $4.99
Available: March 1st - May 30thLength: 1:11
Description: AMITYVILLE ISLAND - A survivor of the Amityville House journeys to an island where genetic experiments are carried out. Starring Jamie Morgan and Danielle Donahue. (CC)

Movie Poster Anastasia: Once Upon a Time - $4.99
Available: April 7th - July 6thLength: 1:29
Description: ANASTASIA: ONCE UPON A TIME - With Lenin about to destroy the Romanov family, Rasputin sends Anastasia through a magical portal. Starring Brandon Routh and Emily Carey. (CC)

Movie Poster And with Him Came the West - $4.99
Available: May 5th - November 6thLength: 1:17
Description: AND WITH HIM CAME THE WEST - After the moment of the Gunfight at the OK Corral, Wyatt Earp thought he could rewrite history through the magic of movies. (CC)

Movie Poster Angel Has Fallen - $4.99
Available: November 26th - May 26thLength: 2:01
Description: When there is an assassination attempt on the U.S. President, secret service Agent Mike Banning is wrongfully accused. Starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman. (CC)

Movie Poster Angels Are Made of Light - $4.99
Available: April 21st - October 21stLength: 1:57
Description: ANGELS ARE MADE OF LIGHT - (In Afrikaans with English Subtitles) A stirring and beautiful documentary, Angels Are Made of Light traces the lives of young students and their teachers at a school in the city of Kabul.

Movie Poster Anjelah Johnson: Mahalo & Goodnight - $2.99
Available: July 17th - January 1stLength: 0:59
Description: ANJELAH JOHNSON: MAHALO & GOODNIGHT - Anjelah Johnson's fourth stand-up comedy special dishes on awkward massages, home invasions, spiders and being a full-grown child. (CC)

Movie Poster Announcement, The - $4.99
Available: April 2nd - July 1stLength: 1:35
Description: ANNOUNCEMENT, THE - (In Turkish with English Subtitles) Turkey. A group of military officers plan to take down the government. But nothing goes to plan. Starring Ali Seckiner Alici and Tarhan Karagoz.

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