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Movie Poster Spin State (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 7th - September 6thLength: 1:39
Description: (HD) A private investigator plagued by blackouts takes the case of a scientist connected to his repressed trauma. Starring Jamie Robson and Seyan Sarvan. (CC)

Movie Poster Spine of Night, The (HD) - $5.99
Available: January 18th - July 19thLength: 1:34
Description: SPINE OF NIGHT, THE (HD) - When a young man steals forbidden knowledge from a sacred plant, he falls prey to its darker temptations. Starring Richard E. Grant and Lucy Lawless. (CC)

Movie Poster Stoker Hills (HD) - $5.99
Available: March 1st - September 2ndLength: 1:31
Description: (HD) Three college students filming a horror movie find themselves trapped in their own worst nightmare. Starring Tony Todd and Steffani Brass. (CC)

Movie Poster Story Game (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 21st - September 21stLength: 1:37
Description: (HD) On a camping trip in Hawaii, three fine art students make a bet: who can tell the best supernatural story? Starring Lyrica Okano and Greer Grammer. (CC)

Movie Poster Strawberry Mansion (HD) - $5.99
Available: March 27th - June 25thLength: 1:31
Description: STRAWBERRY MANSION (HD) - A dream auditor enters an eccentric woman's unconscious archive and falls in love with her younger self. Starring Kentucker Audley and Albert Birney. (CC)

Movie Poster Stu's Show (HD) - $5.99
Available: May 3rd - August 2ndLength: 1:36
Description: (HD) An amazing series of events changes Stu's life forever when TV Legend Lucille Ball asks him to work for her personally. (CC)

Movie Poster Studio 666 (HD) - $5.99
Available: May 24th - November 21stLength: 1:47
Description: (HD) When the Foo Fighters move into a mansion to record their next album, they grapple with supernatural forces. Starring Dave Grohl and Jenna Ortega. (CC)

Movie Poster Suicide for Beginners (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 6th - September 3rdLength: 1:34
Description: SUICIDE FOR BEGINNERS (HD) - Writing the perfect suicide note isn't easy. But getting your victims to like you, that's the tricky part. Starring Wil Daniels and Sara Tomko. (CC)

Movie Poster Tales From the Other Side (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 7th - September 6thLength: 1:28
Description: TALES FROM THE OTHER SIDE (HD) - On Halloween night, three kids encounter Scary Mary and are told six scary stories they will never forget. Starring Ros Gentle and Michael Broderick. (CC)

Movie Poster Tankhouse (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 13th - September 10thLength: 1:34
Description: (HD) After being blacklisted in the theatre industry, two New Yorkers start a theatrical revolution in Fargo, ND. Starring Tara Holt and Stephen Friedrich. (CC)

Movie Poster Taste of Hunger, A - $4.99
Available: April 26th - October 27thLength: 1:43
Description: (In Danish with English subtitles) A couple with a wildly popular restaurant sacrifice everything to gain a Michelin star. Starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Katrine Greis-Rosenthal.

Movie Poster Taste of Hunger, A (HD) - $5.99
Available: April 26th - October 27thLength: 1:43
Description: TASTE OF HUNGER, A (In Danish with English subtitles) (HD) - A couple with a wildly popular restaurant sacrifice everything to gain a Michelin star. Starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Katrine Greis-Rosenthal.

Movie Poster Taste of Whale, A (HD) - $5.99
Available: May 27th - August 25thLength: 1:25
Description: TASTE OF WHALE, A (HD) - Every year, nearly 800 pilot whales are slaughtered on the Faroe Islands despite the protests of animal rights activists.

Movie Poster Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse (HD) - $6
Available: May 24th - November 25thLength: 1:19
Description: TEEN TITANS GO! & DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: MAYHEM IN THE MULTIVERSE (HD) - Lex Luthor captures Earth's Super Heroes, leaving only the DC Super Hero Girls to stop the Legion of Doom. Starring Kimberly Brooks and Greg Cipes. (CC)

Movie Poster Thanks for Being My Friend (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 7th - September 6thLength: 1:43
Description: THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND (In Spanish with English subtitles) (HD) - Yael finds a friend in Jose Luis, the most rebellious, irresponsible, and aggressive guy in the class. Starring Alejandra Villalva and Irene Miranda.

Movie Poster They Say Nothing Stays the Same (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 15th - August 16thLength: 2:18
Description: THEY SAY NOTHING STAYS THE SAME (HD) - The life of an old ferryman whose job will soon be obsolete takes a turn when he unexpectedly meets a girl. Starring Akira Emoto and Ririka Kawashima.

Movie Poster They Talk (HD) - $5.99
Available: May 10th - August 9thLength: 1:37
Description: (HD) A sound engineer records sinister voices while shooting a film that issue a mysterious warning. Starring Jonathan Tufvesson and Rocio Munoz Morales.

Movie Poster This Game's Called Murder (HD) - $5.99
Available: January 4th - July 5thLength: 1:46
Description: THIS GAME'S CALLED MURDER (HD) - The daughter of a women's footwear designer sabotages her sadistic father's business in this dark tale. Starring Vanessa Marano and James Lastovic. (CC)

Movie Poster This Good Earth (HD) - $5.99
Available: April 19th - July 19thLength: 1:31
Description: THIS GOOD EARTH (HD) - With increasing damage to ecosystems from the climate crisis, This Good Earth offers answers to how change can happen. (CC)

Movie Poster Thousand Little Cuts, A (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 1st - July 4thLength: 1:27
Description: THOUSAND LITTLE CUTS, A (HD) - When a young woman wakes up injured and without any memory, a psychologist fights to unlock the truth. Starring Marina Sirtis and Rebecca Liddiard. (CC)

Movie Poster Time Capsule, The (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 3rd - September 2ndLength: 1:45
Description: TIME CAPSULE, THE (HD) - A politician's family is disrupted when his unaged first love returns from a 20-year space voyage. Starring Todd Grinnell and Brianna Hildebrand. (CC)

Movie Poster Time Guardians, The (HD) - $5.99
Available: January 25th - July 11thLength: 1:33
Description: TIME GUARDIANS, THE (HD) - A little girl tries to save her adoptive parents from evil forces in an otherworldly St. Petersburg. Starring Ksenia Alekseeva and Marina Kazakova.

Movie Poster To Decadence With Love, Thanks for Everything! (HD) - $5.99
Available: May 3rd - August 2ndLength: 1:01
Description: TO DECADENCE WITH LOVE, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! (HD) - This documentary follows the lives of two drag queens as they prepare for a weekend of New Orleans' queer celebration of identity, Southern Decadence. (CC)

Movie Poster To the Night (HD) - $5.99
Available: April 5th - October 6thLength: 1:42
Description: (HD) When Norman's memory of a tragic fire is reignited, he he sets off on a quest to heal himself. Starring Caleb Landry Jones and Eleonore Hendricks. (CC)

Movie Poster Tom And Jerry Cowboy Up! (HD) - $5
Available: January 25th - July 26thLength: 1:15
Description: TOM AND JERRY COWBOY UP! (HD) - In the Wild, Wild West, Tom and Jerry team up to help a cowgirl save her ranch from a greedy land-grabber. Starring George Ackles and Sean Burgos. (CC)

Movie Poster Top Gunner: Danger Zone (HD) - $5.99
Available: May 24th - September 24thLength: 1:26
Description: TOP GUNNER: DANGER ZONE (HD) - When US fighter jets are attacked by a squadron of mysterious warplanes, a deadly air battle ensues. Starring Michael Pare and Jack Pearson. (CC)

Movie Poster Top Ten Mysteries of Outer Space (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 14th - September 13thLength: 1:33
Description: TOP TEN MYSTERIES OF OUTER SPACE (HD) - With the advancing age of science and technology, we are unlocking new wonders and mysteries of outer space that are both shocking and amazing. (CC)

Movie Poster Topside (HD) - $5.99
Available: April 25th - July 24thLength: 1:30
Description: (HD) A girl and her mother live among a community that uses New York City's abandoned subway tunnels as their home. Starring Zhaila Farmer and Celine Held. (CC)

Movie Poster Turbo Cola (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 14th - September 13thLength: 1:35
Description: (HD) It's New Year's Eve 1999 and Austin takes an extra shift at work, planning to rob the store's ATM. Starring Nick Stoesser and Jared Spears. (CC)

Movie Poster Tyson's Run (HD) - $5.99
Available: May 17th - November 14thLength: 1:43
Description: (HD) An autistic teen pursues his athletic dreams while trying to heal the rift between his parents. Starring Rory Cochrane and Amy Smart. (CC)

Movie Poster UAP: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 7th - September 6thLength: 1:00
Description: UAP: UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA (HD) - Why does the military now refer to UFOs as 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon' or UAP's? Perhaps in an attempt to hide the reality of an Alien presence. (CC)

Movie Poster Ultrasound (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 7th - December 8thLength: 1:44
Description: (HD) A stranded man spends a strange night with a married couple and uncovers a dangerous experiment. Starring Vincent Kartheiser and Chelsea Lopez. (CC)

Movie Poster Umma (HD) - $5.99
Available: May 24th - October 24thLength: 1:24
Description: (HD) Amanda becomes haunted by the remains of her estranged mother. Starring Sandra Oh and Fivel Stewart. (CC)

Movie Poster Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, The (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 21st - December 22ndLength: 1:47
Description: UNBEARABLE WEIGHT OF MASSIVE TALENT, THE (HD) - A fictionalized version of Nic Cage accepts a $1 million offer to attend the birthday of a dangerous superfan. Starring Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal. (CC)

Movie Poster Uncharted (HD) - $5.99
Available: May 10th - October 10thLength: 1:56
Description: (HD) Treasure hunter Nick Drake learns the whereabouts of El Dorado, the fabled South American golden city. Starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. (CC)

Movie Poster Untold: This Is My Story (HD) - $5.99
Available: April 19th - July 19thLength: 1:30
Description: UNTOLD: THIS IS MY STORY (HD) - A hate crime triggers disturbing flashbacks to Gina's childhood stranger abduction. Starring Terri Ivens and Melody Butiu. (CC)

Movie Poster V for Vengeance (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 7th - November 7thLength: 1:25
Description: V FOR VENGEANCE (HD) - Two vampire siblings reunite to find their long lost sister, who is working on a cure for vampirism. Starring Jocelyn Hudon and Grace Van Dien. (CC)

Movie Poster Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (HD) - $5.99
Available: March 14th - January 1stLength: 2:17
Description: VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS (HD) - In the 28th century, Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are a team of special operatives charged with maintaining order throughout the human territories. (CC)

Movie Poster Vendetta (2022) (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 17th - September 14thLength: 1:36
Description: VENDETTA (2022) (HD) - When his daughter is brutally murdered, William Duncan sets out on a quest for retribution. Starring Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane. (CC)

Movie Poster VHS Love: Cult Cinema Obsession (HD) - $5.99
Available: March 29th - June 28thLength: 1:37
Description: VHS LOVE: CULT CINEMA OBSESSION (HD) - Experience-obsessed enthusiasts celebrating their unique culture, living and breathing all things VHS. The format that never dies is here to stay! (CC)

Movie Poster Viva Maestro! (HD) - $5.99
Available: May 24th - August 22ndLength: 1:39
Description: (HD) Amidst social unrest in his native Venezuela, internationally renowned conductor Gustavo Dudamel sets the music world afire. (CC)

Movie Poster Vive L'amour (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 14th - December 15thLength: 1:58
Description: (In Chinese with English subtitles) (HD) Three lonely young denizens of Taipei unknowingly share an apartment used for sexual trysts. Starring Chao-jung Chen and Kang-sheng Lee.

Movie Poster Warhunt (HD) - $5.99
Available: March 22nd - September 23rdLength: 1:33
Description: (HD) Trapped behind enemy lines in Germany's Black Forest, an elite American team confront a coven of witches. Starring Mickey Rourke and Robert Knepper. (CC)

Movie Poster Wedding Pact 2, The: The Baby Pact (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 14th - September 13thLength: 1:40
Description: WEDDING PACT 2, THE: THE BABY PACT (HD) - After her husband dies, pregnant Elizabeth faces a lawsuit which threatens to take her baby. Starring Haylie Duff and Connor Trinneer. (CC)

Movie Poster Week in Paradise, A (HD) - $5.99
Available: March 29th - September 30thLength: 1:40
Description: WEEK IN PARADISE, A (HD) - When her husband cheats on her, a film star escapes to the Caribbean, where she falls in love. Starring Malin Akerman and Connie Nielsen. (CC)

Movie Poster Whaler Boy, The (HD) - $5.99
Available: March 15th - September 16thLength: 1:34
Description: WHALER BOY, THE (In Russian with English subtitles) (HD) - In a village on the Bering Strait, Leshka, aged 15, becomes infatuated with an American webcam model. Starring Vladimir Onokhov and Kristina Asmus.

Movie Poster Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (HD) - $5.99
Available: January 11th - July 12thLength: 2:01
Description: WHEEL OF FORTUNE AND FANTASY (In Japanese with English subtitles) (HD) - An enchanting triptych that spins mundane encounters into a world of infinite possibilities. Starring Kotone Furukawa and Ayumu Nakajima.

Movie Poster Where Are You, Jay Bennett? (HD) - $5.99
Available: May 1st - July 31stLength: 1:44
Description: WHERE ARE YOU, JAY BENNETT? (HD) - A feature-length documentary on Jay Bennett, a legendary musician and recording studio savant, who died tragically at the age of 45. (CC)

Movie Poster Who We Are - A Chronicle of Racism in America (HD) - $5.99
Available: March 29th - August 29thLength: 1:57
Description: WHO WE ARE - A CHRONICLE OF RACISM IN AMERICA (HD) - Criminal defense lawyer Jeffery Robinson draws a stark timeline of anti-Black racism, from slavery to the modern myth of a post-racial America. (CC)

Movie Poster Who You Gonna Call? (HD) - $5.99
Available: June 7th - November 7thLength: 1:27
Description: WHO YOU GONNA CALL? (HD) - You know Ray Parker Jr. as the artist who wrote and recorded 'Ghostbusters', but what you don't know is what it took for him to get there. (CC)

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