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Movie Poster Stoker Hills (HD) - $5.99
Available: March 1st - September 2ndLength: 1:31
Description: (HD) Three college students filming a horror movie find themselves trapped in their own worst nightmare. Starring Tony Todd and Steffani Brass. (CC)

Movie Poster When the Bands Stopped Playing (HD) - $5.99
Available: March 1st - May 31stLength: 0:47
Description: WHEN THE BANDS STOPPED PLAYING (HD) - In early 2020, live music was booming and concerts were selling out. Then Covid-19 hit, and it all came to a screeching halt. (CC)

Movie Poster Wuthering Heights (HD) - $5.99
Available: March 1st - May 31stLength: 2:33
Description: WUTHERING HEIGHTS (HD) - Faithful servant Nelly recounts the tale of Heathcliff, Cathy, and their obsessive love. Starring Bryan Ferriter and Jet Jandreau. (CC)

Movie Poster Fight That Never Ends, The (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 28th - August 9thLength: 1:35
Description: FIGHT THAT NEVER ENDS, THE (HD) - A white activist and a black gang member fall in love against the backdrop of the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Starring Allen Payne and Christa B. Allen. (CC)

Movie Poster In the Forest (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 28th - May 28thLength: 1:23
Description: (HD) A family ventures into the isolated woods on a camping trip only to find they are unwelcomed by its inhabitants. Starring Lyman Ward and Debbon Ayer. (CC)

Movie Poster Burning Sea, The (HD) - $7.99
Available: February 25th - May 24thLength: 1:46
Description: BURNING SEA, THE (In Norwegian with English subtitles) (HD) - A North Sea oil platform explosion reveals something even more catastrophic is coming. Starring Kristine Kujath Thorp and Anders Baasmo Christiansen.

Movie Poster Creation Stories (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 25th - August 26thLength: 1:50
Description: CREATION STORIES (HD) - The true story of the rise and fall of Creation Records and its infamous founder Alan McGee. Starring Ewen Bremner and Jason Isaacs. (CC)

Movie Poster Let Me Be Me (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 25th - June 25thLength: 1:15
Description: (HD) A family connects to their autistic son through a radical treatment program. (CC)

Movie Poster American Underdog (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 22nd - August 23rdLength: 1:52
Description: AMERICAN UNDERDOG (HD) - Kurt Warner goes from stocking shelves at a supermarket to become a legendary Hall of Fame quarterback. Starring Zachary Levi and Anna Paquin. (CC)

Movie Poster Best Laid Plans (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 22nd - May 24thLength: 1:24
Description: BEST LAID PLANS (HD) - Remy finds herself in a fight for her life when she is taken hostage by a mysterious man. Starring Natalie Ruffino Wilson and Dean Shortland. (CC)

Movie Poster Broadcast (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 22nd - May 24thLength: 1:29
Description: (HD) When a billionaire creates a drug that stops the aging process, the world is thrown into a crisis. Starring Eric Roberts and Ashley Nicole Blake. (CC)

Movie Poster C'mon C'mon (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 22nd - July 19thLength: 1:49
Description: (HD) Johnny and his young nephew forge a tenuous relationship when they are unexpectedly thrown together. Starring Joaquin Phoenix and Gaby Hoffmann. (CC)

Movie Poster Catwoman: Hunted (HD) - $6
Available: February 22nd - August 23rdLength: 1:19
Description: CATWOMAN: HUNTED (HD) - Suit up and steal a moment with this anime-style DC Movie featuring stylish thief supreme, Catwoman! Starring Elizabeth Gillies and Stephanie Beatriz. (CC)

Movie Poster Double Play (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 22nd - May 24thLength: 2:11
Description: (HD) In a high stakes game of dominoes, the players confront their lust, desperation, rage and remorse. Starring Colin Salmon and Alexander Karim. (CC)

Movie Poster Fallen (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 22nd - August 23rdLength: 1:24
Description: (HD) When a disgraced exorcist slays a humanoid creature, its brethren rise up to seek revenge. Starring Andrea Zirio and Ortensia Fioravanti. (CC)

Movie Poster Forbidden Knowledge: Alien Artifacts (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 22nd - May 24thLength: 1:12
Description: FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE: ALIEN ARTIFACTS (HD) - Shocking new evidence of highly advanced civilizations in antiquity astound the world with artifacts that defy all convention and current day logic. (CC)

Movie Poster Give or Take (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 22nd - May 24thLength: 1:44
Description: (HD) Martin returns home after his father's death, only to confront his father's temperamental boyfriend. Starring Norbert Leo Butz and Jamie Effros. (CC)

Movie Poster Hard Hit (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 22nd - May 24thLength: 1:34
Description: (In Korean with English subtitles) (HD) While driving his kids to school, a bank manager learns that a bomb has been placed in his car. Starring Woo-Jin Jo and Jae-In Lee.

Movie Poster House of Gucci (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 22nd - August 23rdLength: 2:38
Description: (HD) When an outsider marries into the Gucci family, her unbridled ambition begins to unravel the family legacy. Starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver. (CC)

Movie Poster Potato Dreams of America (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 22nd - May 24thLength: 1:37
Description: POTATO DREAMS OF AMERICA (HD) - A comedy about a gay boy in the Soviet Union, his mail-order bride mother and their escape to America. Starring Lea DeLaria and Jonathan Bennett. (CC)

Movie Poster Shattered (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 22nd - August 23rdLength: 1:32
Description: (HD) A millionaire falls for a woman he meets by chance - but soon suspects her of dangerous motives. Starring Cameron Monaghan and Frank Grillo. (CC)

Movie Poster Tale of Two Guns, A (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 18th - June 19thLength: 1:31
Description: TALE OF TWO GUNS, A (HD) - In the lawless West, a notorious brotherhood of killers and thieves reign over the land with fast guns. Starring Tom Berenger and Casper Van Dien. (CC)

Movie Poster Bad Luck Banging Or Loony Porn (Censored Version) (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 15th - August 16thLength: 1:46
Description: BAD LUCK BANGING OR LOONY PORN (CENSORED VERSION) (In Romanian with English subtitles) (HD) - When a teacher's private sex tape is leaked online, an angry community demands her dismissal. Starring Katia Pascariu and Claudia Ieremia.

Movie Poster Eternals (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 15th - June 14thLength: 2:36
Description: (HD) An unexpected tragedy forces a group of aliens to reunite against mankind's most ancient enemy. Starring Angelina Jolie and Gemma Chan. (CC)

Movie Poster They Say Nothing Stays the Same (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 15th - August 16thLength: 2:18
Description: THEY SAY NOTHING STAYS THE SAME (HD) - The life of an old ferryman whose job will soon be obsolete takes a turn when he unexpectedly meets a girl. Starring Akira Emoto and Ririka Kawashima.

Movie Poster Ronnie's (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 11th - June 11thLength: 1:43
Description: (HD) A chronicle of the life of saxophonist Ronnie Scott and his world famous London jazz club. (CC)

Movie Poster Alter Ego (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 8th - August 9thLength: 1:15
Description: (HD) A detective investigates the murder of a recluse who insisted that one of his creations was coming to kill him. Starring Dylan Walsh and Eric Roberts. (CC)

Movie Poster Alter Ego (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 8th - August 9thLength: 1:15
Description: (HD) A detective investigates the murder of a recluse who insisted that one of his creations was coming to kill him. Starring Dylan Walsh and Eric Roberts. (CC)

Movie Poster Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 8th - August 9thLength: 1:22
Description: CAPTAIN SABERTOOTH AND THE MAGIC DIAMOND (HD) - Two young pirates search for a lost brother, a vampire with heavy sunburns and a raging ape army. Starring Kyrre Haugen Sydness and Tobias Santelmann.

Movie Poster Encanto (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 8th - June 7thLength: 1:42
Description: (HD) The Madrigals live in a wondrous place where each child has a magic gift - except Mirabel. Starring Stephanie Beatriz and Maria Cecilia Botero. (CC)

Movie Poster Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 8th - August 9thLength: 1:35
Description: MISS WILLOUGHBY AND THE HAUNTED BOOKSHOP (HD) - A professor who moonlights as a sleuth must solve the mystery of a ghost haunting her friend's bookshop. Starring Nathalie Cox and Kelsey Grammer. (CC)

Movie Poster National Champions (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 8th - July 1stLength: 1:56
Description: NATIONAL CHAMPIONS (HD) - Three days before the college football national championship game, a players strike ignites. Starring Stephan James and J. K. Simmons. (CC)

Movie Poster Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 8th - May 23rdLength: 1:47
Description: RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY (HD) - Survivors try to uncover the truth behind the evil Umbrella Corp. while battling bloodthirsty zombies. Starring Kaya Scodelario and Hannah John-Kamen. (CC)

Movie Poster Rose: A Love Story (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 8th - June 19thLength: 1:26
Description: ROSE: A LOVE STORY (HD) - Seriously ill Rose lives in seclusion with her husband but the arrival of a stranger shatters their refuge. Starring Sophie Rundle and Matt Stokoe. (CC)

Movie Poster Summer of Soul (...or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised) (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 8th - June 7thLength: 1:58
Description: SUMMER OF SOUL (...OR, WHEN THE REVOLUTION COULD NOT BE TELEVISED) (HD) - A powerful documentary created around an epic event that celebrated Black history, culture and fashion. (CC)

Movie Poster Tiger Rising, The (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 8th - June 7thLength: 1:43
Description: TIGER RISING, THE (HD) - When a 12-year-old discovers a caged tiger in the woods near his home, his life unexpectedly changes. Starring Christian Convery and Madalen Mills. (CC)

Movie Poster Last Looks (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 4th - August 5thLength: 1:51
Description: (HD) A former LAPD detective works as a private eye to investigate the murder of a television star's wife. Starring Charlie Hunnam and Mel Gibson. (CC)

Movie Poster Julia (2021) (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 1st - July 1stLength: 1:35
Description: (HD) JULIA brings to life the legendary cookbook author and TV superstar who changed the way Americans think about food, television, and even about women. (CC)

Movie Poster Moon Crash (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 1st - August 2ndLength: 1:30
Description: (HD) A lunar drilling accident causes a giant piece of the Moon crack off and hurtle towards Earth. Starring Jeremy London and Tyler Christopher. (CC)

Movie Poster Sesame Street: Elmo's World: All Around The Neighborhood (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 1st - June 19thLength: 1:16
Description: SESAME STREET: ELMO'S WORLD: ALL AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD (HD) - Join Elmo and his friends as they learn about the wonderful people, places, and things on Sesame Street! (CC)

Movie Poster Wolf (HD) - $5.99
Available: February 1st - August 1stLength: 1:40
Description: (HD) A young boy is sent to an asylum for believing he is part wolf, only to fall for the mysterious Wildcat. Starring George MacKay and Lily-Rose Depp. (CC)

Movie Poster Dracula: The Original Living Vampire (HD) - $5.99
Available: January 28th - July 29thLength: 1:27
Description: DRACULA: THE ORIGINAL LIVING VAMPIRE (HD) - In this twist on the Bram Stoker classic, a female Van Helsing hunts the untouchable Count Dracula. Starring Michael Ironside and Christine Prouty. (CC)

Movie Poster Birds Like Us (HD) - $5.99
Available: January 25th - July 26thLength: 1:23
Description: (HD) A female bird and a stubborn king embark on a dazzling odyssey to find the tree they call home. Starring Jeremy Irons and Alicia Vikander. (CC)

Movie Poster Off the Rails (HD) - $5.99
Available: January 25th - July 26thLength: 1:34
Description: (HD) Three friends recreate a trip across Europe to honor a friend as lost passports and romance creates chaos. Starring Kelly Preston and Judi Dench. (CC)

Movie Poster Time Guardians, The (HD) - $5.99
Available: January 25th - July 11thLength: 1:33
Description: TIME GUARDIANS, THE (HD) - A little girl tries to save her adoptive parents from evil forces in an otherworldly St. Petersburg. Starring Ksenia Alekseeva and Marina Kazakova.

Movie Poster Tom And Jerry Cowboy Up! (HD) - $5
Available: January 25th - July 26thLength: 1:15
Description: TOM AND JERRY COWBOY UP! (HD) - In the Wild, Wild West, Tom and Jerry team up to help a cowgirl save her ranch from a greedy land-grabber. Starring George Ackles and Sean Burgos. (CC)

Movie Poster American Refugee (HD) - $5.99
Available: January 18th - July 16thLength: 1:34
Description: AMERICAN REFUGEE (HD) - The nation is under martial law. Seeking shelter in a neighbor's bunker, a family face even greater danger. Starring Erika Alexander and Sam Trammell. (CC)

Movie Poster Awakener, The (HD) - $5.99
Available: January 18th - July 18thLength: 1:48
Description: (HD) A personal tragedy leads a trained agent into a vigilante crusade against Brazil's endemic corruption. Starring Kiko Pissolato and Taina Medina.

Movie Poster Deep Blues (HD) - $5.99
Available: January 18th - July 19thLength: 1:31
Description: (HD) In 1990, film director Robert Mugge and music scholar Robert Palmer ventured deep into the Mississippi Delta to seek out the best rural blues acts. (CC)

Movie Poster Heatwave (HD) - $5.99
Available: January 18th - June 18thLength: 1:45
Description: (HD) When a career-driven woman falls for her boss's wife, she becomes tangled in a web of malice. Starring Kat Graham and Merritt Patterson. (CC)

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