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Movie Poster Hater, The - $4.99
Available: April 18th - July 17thLength: 1:48
Description: Dorothy, a liberal, goes undercover as a Republican to run against her childhood bully in her Texas hometown. Starring Joey Ally and Bruce Dern. (CC)

Movie Poster He Dreams of Giants - $4.99
Available: May 10th - August 9thLength: 1:23
Description: 15 years after Terry Gilliam's failed attempt at creating 'The Man Who Killed Don Quixote', his dream becomes a success. (CC)

Movie Poster Head to Head - $4.99
Available: May 17th - August 16thLength: 1:23
Description: Six women facing hair loss struggle to choose whether to try to blend in, or live outside the norms of beauty. (CC)

Movie Poster Helen Hong: Well Hong - $4.99
Available: May 31st - August 30thLength: 0:59
Description: HELEN HONG: WELL HONG - Comedian/actor Helen Hong spent Covid quarantine trying to date doomsday preppers and stealing her dog's Xanax. She also had a baby... kind of. (CC)

Movie Poster Hidden Figures - $2.99
Available: June 22nd - September 21stLength: 2:07
Description: An incredible & inspiring untold true story about three women at NASA who were instrumental in one of history's greatest operations - the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit. Stars Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer. (CC)

Movie Poster Hollow (2022) - $4.99
Available: May 17th - August 16thLength: 1:49
Description: With only nightmares for childhood memories, Lily returns home to find out what happened to her parents. Starring Pat Garrett and Ellie Jeffreys. (CC)

Movie Poster Homebound - $4.99
Available: June 12th - September 10thLength: 1:11
Description: A father and his new fiancee discover his ex-wife is missing and the kids are acting strange. Starring Aisling Loftus and Tom Goodman-Hill. (CC)

Movie Poster Hopz and the Hot Air Balloon Adventure - $4.99
Available: April 5th - July 5thLength: 1:06
Description: HOPZ AND THE HOT AIR BALLOON ADVENTURE - Hopz the Easter bunny and his bestie Lil'Bit the duckling ask: who is the best Easter egg hunter of them all? Starring Avery Williams and Linda Riley. (CC)

Movie Poster Horseplay Jr. Shapes - $4.99
Available: April 5th - July 5thLength: 0:42
Description: HORSEPLAY JR. SHAPES - Join Scout the horse and Axle the Plane as they dive headlong into the world of shapes! Starring Simon Hill and Douglas Leijgard. (CC)

Movie Poster Hostile Territory - $4.99
Available: June 14th - August 24thLength: 1:34
Description: A Union soldier embarks on a dangerous journey to rescue his children, who were sent away on the Orphan Train. Starring Brian Presley and Jack Calgrove. (CC)

Movie Poster House Next Door, The: Meet the Blacks 2 - $2.99
Available: June 11th - July 12thLength: 1:37
Description: HOUSE NEXT DOOR, THE: MEET THE BLACKS 2 - When an author moves back to his childhood home, he battles his neighbor, a pimp who is actually a vampire. (CC)

Movie Poster House of Gucci - $4.99
Available: February 22nd - August 23rdLength: 2:38
Description: When an outsider marries into the Gucci family, her unbridled ambition begins to unravel the family legacy. Starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver. (CC)

Movie Poster House on the Bayou, A - $4.99
Available: January 4th - July 4thLength: 1:28
Description: HOUSE ON THE BAYOU, A - A family's idyllic getaway in a remote mansion takes a sinister turn when their neighbors show up. Starring Angela Sarafyan and Paul Schneider. (CC)

Movie Poster Human Factors - $4.99
Available: May 24th - August 23rdLength: 1:43
Description: (In German with English subtitles) A mysterious home invasion shakes the core of a middle-class family and unveils the fragility of truth. Starring Sabine Timoteo and Mark Waschke.

Movie Poster Humans, The - $2.99
Available: April 4th - October 5thLength: 1:47
Description: Three generations of the Blake family gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, as tensions reach a boiling point. Starring Beanie Feldstein and Amy Schumer. (CC)

Movie Poster I Am Here - $4.99
Available: May 24th - August 13thLength: 1:16
Description: One of the oldest living survivors of the Holocaust, Ella Blumenthal, celebrates her 98th birthday revealing memories of her survival. (CC)

Movie Poster I Am Mortal - $4.99
Available: March 1st - September 2ndLength: 1:23
Description: A band of rebels face off against a status quo where humans have achieved immortality through genetic engineering. Starring Sean Gunn and Nina Kiri. (CC)

Movie Poster I'm Charlie Walker - $4.99
Available: June 10th - December 8thLength: 1:19
Description: In 1971, one desperate man takes on a racist San Francisco corporation, armed with only his charm and wits. Starring Mike Colter and Dylan Baker. (CC)

Movie Poster Ice Demon, The - $4.99
Available: April 5th - October 3rdLength: 1:32
Description: A man's return home in a coma years after he's gone missing brings some terrifying goings-on. Starring Alexandra Cherkasova-Sluzhitel and Alina Babak.

Movie Poster If I Can't Have You - $4.99
Available: April 1st - July 1stLength: 1:26
Description: A model, an ex-con, and an overprotective sister problematically smother a psychotherapist. Starring Tennille Taraszkiewicz and Todd Calvin De Pew. (CC)

Movie Poster Incredibles, The - $3.99
Available: June 16th - September 15thLength: 1:55
Description: From the creative minds behind the Toy Story films comes this hilarious, action-packed animated adventure about a seemingly ordinary family with an incredible secret. Stars Brad Bird, Bret Parker. (CC)

Movie Poster Indemnity - $4.99
Available: May 10th - November 11thLength: 2:04
Description: An ex-firefighter accused of killing his wife discovers a link between his past and a government conspiracy. Starring Jarrid Geduld and Gail Mabalane. (CC)

Movie Poster Infinite Storm - $4.99
Available: May 17th - August 15thLength: 1:38
Description: When a climber is caught in a blizzard, she encounters a stranded stranger and must get them both to safety. Starring Naomi Watts and Billy Howle. (CC)

Movie Poster Inherent Vice - $3
Available: June 7th - July 8thLength: 2:29
Description: An inept, pot-smoking private detective delves into the dark corners of 1970s Los Angeles to find an ex-girlfriend who has gone missing. Stars Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin. (CC)

Movie Poster Innerself - $4.99
Available: April 5th - July 5thLength: 1:33
Description: A young man studies martial arts to exact revenge, but learns there is more to martial arts than fighting. Starring Jason L. Wang and Mikhail Tot. (CC)

Movie Poster Inside Out (2015) - $3.99
Available: June 22nd - September 21stLength: 1:35
Description: When 11-year-old Riley moves to a new city, her Emotions team up to help her through the transition. Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness work together. Stars Amy Poehler, Bill Hader. (CC)

Movie Poster Into the Woods (2014) - $3.99
Available: May 5th - August 4thLength: 2:05
Description: INTO THE WOODS (2014) - Meryl Streep stars in this epic musical saga about daring to venture INTO THE WOODS. Stars Anna Kendrick. (CC)

Movie Poster Invincible (2022) - $4.99
Available: March 8th - September 9thLength: 1:32
Description: A security agent must eliminate a soldier whose high-tech implants have made him a brutal killing machine. Starring Johnny Strong and Marko Zaror. (CC)

Movie Poster Isaac (Izaokas) - $4.99
Available: March 8th - September 9thLength: 1:45
Description: (In Lithuanian with English subtitles) A film noir about an activist's murder of a Jew and the burden of guilt that haunts him. Starring Aleksas Kazanavicius and Severija Janusauskaite.

Movie Poster Isolated - $4.99
Available: June 14th - September 13thLength: 1:39
Description: A woman wakes up trapped inside of a room with no recollection of who she is or how she got there. Starring Katelynn E. Newberry and Lanny Joon. (CC)

Movie Poster Jackass Forever - $4.99
Available: May 4th - October 19thLength: 1:36
Description: The original Jackass crew return for another round of wildly absurd displays of comedy with a little help from some exciting new cast. (CC)

Movie Poster Jackie - $2.99
Available: April 1st - July 1stLength: 1:40
Description: Natalie Portman stars in this powerfully stirring drama as First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, whose faith and strength see her through the death of President John F. Kennedy. Stars Peter Sarsgaard. (CC)

Movie Poster Jamie Lissow: Something Awesome - $2.99
Available: May 10th - August 9thLength: 0:40
Description: JAMIE LISSOW: SOMETHING AWESOME - Actor and comedian Jamie Lissow is best known for his role in the current Netflix Original Series Real Rob, alongside SNL alum Rob Schneider. (CC)

Movie Poster Jockey - $4.99
Available: March 29th - September 30thLength: 1:35
Description: An aging jockey aims for a final championship, when a rookie rider arrives claiming to be his son. Starring Clifton Collins Jr. and Molly Parker. (CC)

Movie Poster Josh Gondelman: People Pleaser - $4.99
Available: June 21st - September 20thLength: 0:57
Description: JOSH GONDELMAN: PEOPLE PLEASER - Josh Gondelman hilariously explores the pressures of appearing in friends' dreams, having new enemies, and choosing the right wedding DJ. (CC)

Movie Poster Joy Womack: The White Swan - $4.99
Available: January 11th - July 12thLength: 1:31
Description: JOY WOMACK: THE WHITE SWAN - (In Russian with English subtitles) This documentary follows several years in the life of Joy Womack, the first American woman to sign a contract with Russia's Bolshoi Ballet.

Movie Poster Julia (2021) - $4.99
Available: February 1st - July 1stLength: 1:35
Description: JULIA brings to life the legendary cookbook author and TV superstar who changed the way Americans think about food, television, and even about women. (CC)

Movie Poster Jurassic Island - $4.99
Available: April 5th - July 5thLength: 1:18
Description: An arcade manager and her two best friends follow her brother into a dangerous video game. Starring Bai Ling and Emily Sweet. (CC)

Movie Poster Jurassic Island - $4.99
Available: April 5th - July 5thLength: 1:18
Description: JURASSIC ISLAND - After her explorer father goes missing, in search of a mythical lost world, Ava and team follows his clues to find the lost Jurassic Island. (CC)

Movie Poster Jurassic Tale - $4.99
Available: May 31st - December 1stLength: 1:24
Description: A huge egg hatches to reveal a baby T. Rex dinosaur, but an evil animal dealer wants to steal it! Starring Hunter Wallace and Rahul Chakraborty. (CC)

Movie Poster Keeping Company - $4.99
Available: June 7th - September 6thLength: 1:22
Description: Two insurance salesmen knock on the wrong door and find themselves trapped in a serial killer's basement. Starring Jacob Grodnik and Ahmed Bharoocha. (CC)

Movie Poster Kendra and Beth - $4.99
Available: June 7th - September 6thLength: 1:22
Description: The monotony of a woman's life is shattered when a livewire waitress crashes into her life. Starring Kate Lyn Sheil and Eleanore Pienta. (CC)

Movie Poster Kevin Jordan: Cause I Said So! - $2.99
Available: May 3rd - August 2ndLength: 0:47
Description: KEVIN JORDAN: CAUSE I SAID SO! - A Former Los Angeles Police Officer, Kevin has thrilled audiences at Clubs, on Cruise ships, and for the troops worldwide. (CC)

Movie Poster Kim McVicar: Tap Dancing on My Mother's Grave - $4.99
Available: June 7th - September 6thLength: 0:55
Description: KIM MCVICAR: TAP DANCING ON MY MOTHER'S GRAVE - Comedian and former backup dancer Kim McVicar riffs about how bad she sucks in bed, really old prostitutes, and her mother's practice funeral. (CC)

Movie Poster King Tweety - $5
Available: June 14th - December 15thLength: 1:21
Description: Tweety unexpectedly becomes next in line for the crown in this zany full-length movie. Starring Eric Bauza and Flula Borg. (CC)

Movie Poster King's Daughter, The - $4.99
Available: April 19th - October 17thLength: 1:38
Description: KING'S DAUGHTER, THE - A king seeks to extract a mermaid's power to gain immortality, his daughter threatens to ruin his plans. Starring Pierce Brosnan and Kaya Scodelario. (CC)

Movie Poster LA '92 - $2.99
Available: April 18th - July 18thLength: 1:54
Description: Marking the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots, LA92 immerses viewers in that tumultuous period through rarely-seen archival footage. (CC)

Movie Poster La Soga: Salvation - $4.99
Available: March 1st - September 2ndLength: 1:32
Description: (In Spanish with English subtitles) A former hitman is forced out of retirement to save his girlfriend when she is kidnapped by his enemies. Starring Many Perez and Hada Vanessa.

Movie Poster Last American Colony, The: One Man's Revolution - $4.99
Available: June 14th - September 13thLength: 1:29
Description: LAST AMERICAN COLONY, THE: ONE MAN'S REVOLUTION - Told through personal and criminal experiences, Juan Segarra rejects Puerto Rico's relationship to the US, and joins the independence movement. (CC)

Movie Poster Last Looks - $4.99
Available: February 4th - August 5thLength: 1:51
Description: A former LAPD detective works as a private eye to investigate the murder of a television star's wife. Starring Charlie Hunnam and Mel Gibson. (CC)

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