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The Salvation Army Selected as Organization of the Month for April

The Salvation ArmyAbout MCTV's Organization of the Month

Charitable behavior can lead to psychological, spiritual, and emotional well-being benefits for the giver. Besides helping the community and being a part of a greater good, charitable donations are tax deductible, can give you a sense of purpose and can help keep you informed about issues of social injustice. Each month, MCTV highlights two local non-profit organizations. We have donation boxes set up in our lobbies and have information on our websites about each charity, along with links to their respective websites. MCTV’s commitment to charitable causes creates new ways for you to find, learn about, and support local charities. We try to make a bigger difference in the causes you care about the most and become partners with the organizations in order to bring about change. Donate with confidence to these organizations. They are low-risk organizations, have targeted goals, function with good governance and have transparency policies. To learn more, visit our community involvement page.

The Salvation Army in Wooster Ohio

The Salvation Army in Wooster is dedicated to serving the men, women, and children who are at-risk and in need of financial, social service, and spiritual support. For more than 135 years, The Salvation Army has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for people in need in Northeast Ohio. The Salvation Army works every day to elevate men, women and children up from despair to provide hope and assistance through programs that work. In teaching life skills, The Salvation Army provides individuals with an opportunity to maximize their physical, emotional and spiritual being to effect permanent change. Throughout the year, the demand for services is great. While the ultimate goal is to help people change their lives permanently, The Salvation Army services support individuals in need as they work to improve their lives.

Join Us for Worship
Sunday School: 10:00am  |  Sunday Morning Worship:  11:00am | Thursday Evening Bible Study: 6:30pm

The Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church that provides opportunity for spiritual growth and development. Our services are designed for the entire family and there is always a friendly welcome.

Bible studies are offered with a concentration on real-life issues that confront so many of us today. The Salvation Army offers opportunities to provide worship and Christian service. All are welcome.

Programs & Services
Meeting Basic Needs of All Who Come Seeking Help

With 'heart to God and hand to man', The Salvation Army strives to meet the basic needs of all who come seeking help. Taking immediate care of the basic human needs of food, shelter, clothing and safety is an important first step in the development of a more positive and permanent life change in the people we help.

It is essential to note that at no time the participation in spiritual activities be required as a condition for receiving needed services. All service given in the name of Jesus for meeting human needs and caring for hurting persons is in and of itself valued and is a spiritual ministry.

For more information about the following programs and services, please call (330) 264-4704.

Current List of Programs and Services

Corps Cadet Youth Bible Study Adult Bible Study
Vacation Bible School Teen Group Adventure Corps
Rangers Learning Experience Day Camp
Community Center w. Rec & Edu Activities Community Care Ministry Women’s Group
Men’s Group Older Adult Groups Feeding Program
Shelter/Transitional Housing Christmas Assistance

The Salvation Army's work in 125 countries is coordinated by our International Headquarters in London, UK. At present, there are five Zones - each headed by an International Secretary. These are: Africa, Americas and Caribbean, Europe, South Asia, and South Pacific and East Asia.

The Salvation Army works together with communities to develop education, literacy, water and sanitation, alternative energy, HIV/AIDS education, programs for orphans and vulnerable children, feeding programs, home-based HIV/AIDS programs, and many more community initiated programs.

The dominant image, in the public eye, of The Salvation Army is of a much loved charity giving a cup of soup to those down on their luck. This is a vital part of their work, but they aim to describe a totally different approach in which the poor are joining in partnership with The Salvation Army.

The community development approach sees that the poor have potential to change their circumstances. The role of The Salvation Army in this is to listen to the dreams of communities and assist those communities to realize their own dreams with their own hard work and their own local knowledge.

Life in these communities is very difficult, with the poor having a sense of their own powerlessness, dependence on the wealthy, and their lack of voice to object to the unjust conditions they face. Community development always trades in hope - it seeks to assist people to realize they can be agents of change. To even consider the possibility of change of the desperately poor is a very risky business. The poor fear that any change in their life may be a threat to what little they now have.

Addiction Dependency

For those in need, The Salvation Army runs a number of addiction rehabilitation programs. We believe in taking the holistic approach, not just helping the subject to overcome their addiction, but attacking the roots of that addiction.

Social Work

The Salvation Army is one of the largest social care providers in the World. There are social programs running in almost every country we operate in.

Emergency Response

From sites of natural and man-made disasters to places of human conflict, The Salvation Army is there to provide compassion and practical support to those in real and sudden need. The Army strives to provide first for the immediate physical needs but beyond that, ministry for the aching heart and the weary soul.


The Salvation Army is an integral part of the Christian Church, although distinctive in government and practice. The Army’s doctrine follows the mainstream of Christian belief and its articles of faith emphasize God’s saving purposes. Its objects are ‘the advancement of the Christian religion… of education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objects beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole.’

The movement, founded in 1865 by William Booth, has spread from London, England, to many parts of the world. The rapid deployment of the first Salvationists was aided by the adoption of a quasi-military command structure in 1878 when the title, ‘The Salvation Army’, was brought into use. A similarly practical organization today enables resources to be equally flexible. Responding to a recurrent theme in Christianity which sees the Church engaged in spiritual warfare, the Army has used to advantage certain soldierly features such as uniforms, flags and ranks to identify, inspire and regulate its endeavors.

Evangelistic and social enterprises are maintained, under the authority of the General, by full-time officers and employees, as well as soldiers who give service in their free time. The Army also benefits from the support of many adherents and friends, including those who serve on advisory boards.

Leadership in the Army is provided by commissioned officers who are recognized ministers of religion.

All Salvationists accept a disciplined and compassionate life of high moral standards which includes abstinence from alcohol and tobacco. From its earliest days the Army has accorded women equal opportunities, every rank and service being open to them and from childhood the young are encouraged to love and serve God.

Raised to evangelize, the Army spontaneously embarked on schemes for the social betterment of the poor. Such concerns have since developed, wherever the Army operates, in practical, skilled and cost-effective ways. Evolving social services meet endemic needs and specific crises worldwide. Modern facilities and highly-trained staff are employed.

The need for modern facilities and longer-term development is under continual review. Increasingly the Army’s policy and its indigenous membership allow it to cooperate with international relief agencies and governments alike. The movement’s partnership with both private and public philanthropy will continue to bring comfort to the needy, while the proclamation of God’s redemptive love offers individuals and communities the opportunity to enjoy a better life on earth and a place in Christ’s everlasting Kingdom.

The Salvation Army
437 S. Market St.
Wooster, OH 44691

Phone: (330) 264-4704


Hours of Operation: Office & Social Service: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Officers: Captains Harry and Madelaine Dwier