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Stark County Humane Society Selected as August's Stark County Organization of the Month

Humane SocietyAbout MCTV's Organization of the Month

Charitable behavior can lead to psychological, spiritual, and emotional well-being benefits for the giver. Besides helping the community and being a part of a greater good, charitable donations are tax deductible, can give you a sense of purpose and can help keep you informed about issues of social injustice. Each month, MCTV highlights two local non-profit organizations. We have donation boxes set up in our lobbies and have information on our websites about each charity, along with links to their respective websites. MCTV’s commitment to charitable causes creates new ways for you to find, learn about, and support local charities. We try to make a bigger difference in the causes you care about the most and become partners with the organizations in order to bring about change. Donate with confidence to these organizations. They are low-risk organizations, have targeted goals, function with good governance and have transparency policies. To learn more, visit our community involvement page.

Stark County Humane Society

Since these are the dog days of summer, it’s fitting that August’s Community Organization of the Month is the Stark County Humane Society.  MCTV has been a longtime friend of the Humane Society as well as being passionate about animals.  Monthly commercials featuring Lou Criswell and animals available for adoption have been produced free of charge for more than a decade.  These commercials help support the Humane Society and match pets and owners.  You can learn more about the Stark County Humane Society’s efforts at or by calling 330-453-5529.

You can help support the Humane Society in many ways.  MCTV has a Community Organization of the Month donation box in the front lobby.  Please feel free to drop some loose change into our donation box if you visit our office.  You also can make contributions at the Humane Society’s online donation page.  Of course, you also can visit the Humane Society at 5100 Peach Street, Louisville, OH 44641.

If you would like information about pet adoption or volunteering your time, please call the Humane Society at 330-453-5529 or visit their website You can also become a member of the Humane Society.  Membership totaled over 3,600 in 2013.  Members’ contributions of funds and supplies for the shelter remain an important part of the Humane Society’s very existence. 

The Humane Society’s mission is “to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves” and with the support of their members, employees, and volunteers, they hope to do so for many years to come.

The Stark County Humane Society is a private, charitable organization.  They are not a county agency and do not receive funding from the United Way.  Their continued existence and success depends upon the support of the community through membership fees, gifts, and contributions.

The shelter is open to the public every day except Wednesdays and holidays.  The educational and pet therapy programs continue to thrive throughout our community.  Their service for the sick and injured stray dogs and cats remains available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  One of the Stark County Humane Society’s top priorities remains the investigation of cruelty to animals in our country.