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Showtime & The Movie Channel


Grab a front row seat to uncut programming including critically acclaimed original series, blockbuster hits, daring documentaries, outrageous comedy and hard-hitting Showtime Sports. Also includes The Movie Channel® and FLIX®.

Showtime Networks

Your subscription to Showtime® includes:

Showtime East (SD & HD) & Showtime West (SD & HD): Showtime delivers new and returning original series and is the go-to destination for box office hits. Showtime Sports® brings you hardhitting action all year round. Add documentaries, comedy and music specials, and Showtime is the complete premium entertainment package.

SHO 2 (SD & HD): SHO 2 is the best place to catch the best of Showtime. From box office favorites to marathons of acclaimed Showtime Original Series — if you missed it on Showtime, it’s on SHO 2!

Showtime Showcase East (SD) & West (SD): With exclusive feature films, special events and select original series, Showtime Showcase brings big movie thrills to the small screen.

SHO Extreme® East (SD & HD) & West (SD): SHO Extreme now has more action and the best of Shomwtime Sports. With adrenaline pumping movies, hard-hitting Showtime Championship Boxing®, and series such as Inside The NFLTM, All Access, Jim Rome On Showtime and 60 Minutes SportsTM, it doesn’t get any better than this.

SHO Next® (SD): With cutting-edge films, documentaries, and music specials for the next generation of movie lovers, SHO Next serves up the strange, the brilliant and the best of what’s “next.”

SHO Family Zone (SD): With no R-rated programming ever, SHO Family Zone features outstanding entertainment for families to enjoy together.

SHO Women® (SD): Celebrating women on film and behind the camera, SHO Women brings you the freshest, boldest, most groundbreaking films, documentaries and specials from aspiring and established talents.

SHO Beyond® (SD & HD): If you like entertainment that pushes the boundaries, SHO Beyond is for you. This is where you’ll find the best of the best sci-fi, fantasy and horror films all hours of the day…and night.

The Movie Channel East (SD & HD) & West (SD & HD): From outrageous comedies and heartstopping dramas to the most explosive action hits, The Movie Channel has ’em
all. Plus, the deepest behind-the-scenes dish and insider trivia to satisfy even the most seasoned movie enthusiast.

The Movie Channel Xtra East (SD) & West (SD): Miss something on The Movie Channel? The Movie Channel Xtra carries TMC’s entire lineup on a staggered schedule, so you’ll always have a second shot at movies for movie lovers.

FLIX (SD): Today’s movie classics…live ’em or re-live ’em with FLIX – a celebration of the actors, the directors, the scores, and the sets that have made a lasting impact on Hollywood. From knee-slapping comedy to face-slapping film noir, brace yourself for the full power of cinema. Here action, adventure and romance are just a flick away. Experience them all – like never before.

Showtime, The Movie Channel and FLIX On Demand: Watch 1600+ hours of current and past seasons of the network's award-winning original series, along with movies, sports, specials and more.

Showtime Anytime®Get unlimited on-demand access to full seasons of award-winning Showtime Original Series, hit movies, sports, comedy and much more on your Amazon Fire TV, Roku® Streaming Player, computer, tablet and mobile device. With new titles added each week, there’s always something great to watch. PLUS, now you can watch what’s currently airing live on Showtime, and easily switch between the Showtime East and Showtime West channels. So no matter where you are, you never have to miss your favorites!

Prices are on a monthly basis and exclude applicable taxes, fees, equipment, installation and any other one-time charges. A credit check and deposit may be required. You must subscribe to the Showtime package to view On Demand or online services. On Demand and online content is subject to change without notification. Modifying, cancelling service, disconnection or non-payment may result in different pricing. Other restrictions may apply. Prices are subject to change.

SHOWTIME, THE MOVIE CHANNEL, FLIX and related marks are trademarks of Showtime Networks Inc., a CBS Company. Showtime Anytime is intended for viewing solely in the United States and its territories and possessions. Some restrictions may apply. Roku is a registered trademark of Roku, Inc.