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Security Support

Read through our security FAQs for help troubleshooting common issues. If you do not find the information you need to resolve your problem, please contact MCTV for additional support.

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What happens if the power goes out?

Should your power be interrupted, the base unit has a maintenance-free, built-in backup battery that will operate your system for up to 12 to 20 hours. Before you battery runs out, the base unit will send a “low battery” signal to the Monitoring Center to warn that the unit will soon be non-functional.

A Safeguard monitoring specialist will then call you to advise you of the low-battery condition and answer any questions about your medical monitoring system.

Do I need a landline phone to use MedAlert?

Yes. MedAlert offers cellular and broadband Internet monitoring services in the event that you do not have a landline phone. Call 30-830-8242 for details.

What if I am on the phone when I need to use my pendant?

If you are on the phone connected directly to the unit, the medical monitoring system will disconnect your call and send the emergency signal.

If you are on another phone in your home, then the medical monitoring system will attempt to dial the monitoring station eight times. If at the end of this calling sequence, the unit has still failed to communicate, a high-pitched tone will be emitted alerting the customer that it has failed to communicate.

How long is a typical medical monitoring system agreement?

There is no contract for MedAlert.

Do I need to test my MedAlert unit?

Yes. The medical alert system should be tested at a minimum, monthly.

Instructions for testing the unit are included as part of the information presented when the medical alert system was installed. For instructions, click here.

How do I test my MedAlert unit?

To test your MedAlert unit, simply press the Emergency/Help button. When the operator connects to your unit to make sure everything is ok, tell them that you are performing a test of the equipment.

How large is the pendant?

The pendant is very small and lightweight. You have the option of selecting to wear the pendant as a necklace or on your wrist with a wrist-strap.

Can I wear the pendant in the shower?

Yes. The transmitter on the pendant is waterproof and designed to operate in the shower.

Does the pendant work when I'm outside checking my mailbox or gardening?

It is possible that MedAlert will work outside of your home. The distance will vary based on interference from other radio frequencies and the building materials of your home. If you are concerned about the unit working while you are outside, please have the MedAlert technician test the unit’s range when it is installed.

What happens if I drop the base unit or pendant?

Follow the test procedure immediately to ensure the medical alert system is working properly. For instructions to test your unit, click here.