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Pay-Per-View Banner

Make your couch a front-row seat! Watch live WWE and UFC events, boxing, concerts, comedy specials and more with Pay-Per-View.

Movies and events are ordered on a pay-per-view basis in Standard Definition or High Definition. They can only be ordered from a set-top box located within your home or by calling our offices.

If you want to avoid unwanted purchases, you can set up a Purchase PIN to prevent purchases of On Demand and Pay-Per-View titles.

Check your on-screen program guide for additional pay-per-view events.

Live Events
Channels 310 HD & 302 SD

  • Nov. 4: UFC 217: Bisping vs. St-Pierre
  • Nov. 5: Impact: Bound for Glory Live! 2017
  • Nov. 19: WWE: Survivor Series 2017

Business MCTV customers are advised to call MCTV a few months prior to a pay-per-view event for more information on how to order and promote the event.

Additional Events
Channel 302 SD Only

  • Nov. 2: Best of Fight TV: Knuckle Up
  • Nov. 3: James Mullinger: Anything Is Possible
  • Nov. 8: Urban Wrestling Federation: Hood Thugs
  • Nov. 10: Linkin Park: Road to Revolution - Live at Milton Keynes
  • Nov. 11: Free to Rock
  • Nov. 12: Impact Legends: Samoa Joe
  • Nov. 14: ROH XXXIII: Tyler Black vs. Bryan Danielson
  • Nov. 15: Hood Brawls Uncensored: Shocking Mayhem
  • Nov. 18: Jane's Addiction: Alive at Twenty-Five
  • Nov. 22: Women's Extreme Wrestling: Ring Assault
  • Nov. 23: Wrestling's Bloodiest Wars: Sentencing Day
  • Nov. 24: Female Wrestling's Most Violent Brawls 48
  • Nov. 25: Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky: Paris Opera Ballet
  • Nov. 26: Nutcracker, The: The Royal Ballet
  • Nov. 28: AXS TV Fights: Legacy Fighting Alliance 19

A 2-way set-top box is required in order to access Pay-Per-View content. Prices exclude applicable taxes and fees. Titles and dates are subject to change.