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Other Equipment

QAM Tuner TVs

This is a great alternative for a TV set that’s not used often (in a spare bedroom, for example) or for viewers that don’t desire all the “extras” that come with a set-top box.

Most high definition (HD) or digital TVs manufactured after 2006 likely have a QAM tuner. The easiest way to tell if your TV set has a QAM tuner is to look at the remote control that came with your TV. If it has a button with a dash (-) or dot (·), your TV has a QAM tuner. You can also check your owner’s manual in the Specifications section. Look for QAM tuner capabilities in the area with antennas and tuners.

QAM tuner TVs allow you to access channels in our Lifeline and Basic TV packages without a set-top box. Please note that not all HD channels in the Basic Cable TV package are viewable with a QAM tuner. You will need a set-top box in order to receive all the HD channels in this package.

Other channels including Basic Plus, HD Essentials, Premium Packages, Sports Packages, Pay-Per-View and On Demand are not accessible through a QAM tuner and require the use of a set-top box.

Using a QAM tuner TV is slightly different than a TV with a set-top box. Channels on a QAM tuner TV have a .1 after the traditional channel number. For example, WKYC 3 NBC is channel 3.1 on a QAM tuner TV whereas it’s just channel 3 on a TV with a set-top box.

Users of QAM tuner TVs may periodically have to perform a channel scan. It is best to first refer to your owner’s manual but our representatives will be glad to help walk you through it.

IR Extenders

Hide your set-top box out of view with an IR Extender. An IR Extender plugs into the back of your set-top box so you can keep the area around your TV free of cords and clutter.

Once installed, your set-top box will work as it always has – no special programming required. It is an easy installation that you can install yourself. IR Extenders work with many styles of set-top box from MCTV. Call for details.

Oversized Remote Controls

Oversized remote controls are available for customers who require a remote control with larger buttons and numbers. Remotes are pre-programmed to work with a MiniMax or Motorola set-top box although they can be programmed to work with other set-top boxes.

Remotes measure approximately 7 ¾” long x 3 ¾” wide. Buttons are approximately 3/8” tall x 11/16” wide.

A one-time fee of $15 applies.

Please note that once purchased, the remote becomes the customer’s property and MCTV may not provide additional support for the remote without charging a service fee.

DVR Storage Expander (eSATA Drives)

Heavy DVR users can expand their recording capacity with a DVR Expander, or eSATA drive. An eSATA drive is an external hard drive that plugs into the back of your DVR and creates more recording space.

eSATA drives will work with our equipment but MCTV does not sell or service eSATA drives. Drives up to 2 TB will work with our equipment. They can be purchased from electronics stores such as Best Buy.

eSATA drives cannot be used with multiple DVRs or used to transfer recordings from one DVR to another DVR or any other device.

Equipment may require a credit check and/or deposits. If your QAM tuner TV does not pick up all the channels, please refer to your owner’s manual on how to perform a channels scan or rescan. Some QAM tuner TVs are not capable of receiving all channels. Other restrictions may apply. Prices are subject to change.