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Network Management

Network Management

At MCTV, we use the latest technology to manage our network and deliver you the best home Internet experience. Our engineers identify and resolve potential security risks — keeping you and your computer safe while online.

Email Spam Management

While we cannot completely prevent spam messages, we’ve established controls to significantly reduce the number of spam emails sent through our mail server to your address. We also recommend running spam control software on your computer and staying vigilant when sharing your personal information.

Wireless Network Security

Unauthorized access of your wireless network slows down your Internet speed and poses a security risk to your personal computer. Protecting your WiFi network with a secure password will prevent others from stealing your connection. MCTV’s in-home WiFi customers can refer to their router owner’s manual for help setting up a network password, or contact us to schedule a house call with the MCTV IT Guys.

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Open Internet Disclosure Statement

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that we provide you with information regarding our mass market retail broadband Internet access services, including information regarding any network management practices that we employ, the performance characteristics of our services, and the commercial terms of our service offerings.