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Multi-room HD-DVR

6 Tuner Multi-Room HD-DVR

FUSION allows you to record or watch up to six shows simultaneously on any TV connected to FUSION. So you can record a show in the living room and watch it later in the bedroom. Two people can also watch the same recording on different TVs and control them separately!

Start recording a single show with the push of a button or record the entire series with a few more clicks!

Multi-Room On Demand

Order a movie once and watch it on every TV in your house! And, just like recordings, you can watch On Demand titles on different TVs at the same time and control them separately!

Control Live TV

With FUSION you can pause and rewind live TV so you never miss a moment of your favorite program! You can even pause live TV in one room and resume watching the show in a different room.

Large Storage Capacity

With FUSION’s 500 GB hard drive you’ll (hopefully) have space for all your programs! Store up to 300 hours of SD programming or up to 75 hours of HD programming!

If 500 GB isn’t enough for you, FUSION allows for an external eSATA drive so you can expand your DVR to 8 TB to store up to 4800 hours of SD or 1400 hours of HD content!

Remote DVR Scheduler

Manage your DVR when you’re on-the-go from your computer, tablet or smart phone. Set new recordings or make changes to existing recordings to make sure you never miss your show again.

Log in to the Remote DVR Scheduler.

You must be registered through watchTVeverywhere in order to access Remote DVR functions. Due to the large number of devices in the market, full compatibility with the FUSION Remote DVR Scheduler cannot be guaranteed on all devices. Other restrictions may apply.