Can I Get MCTV?
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During the digital transition in 2009, MCTV provided up to three MiniMax boxes to all customers free-of-charge. Technology has changed tremendously since then. The MiniMax boxes no longer live up to MCTV standards.

We take pride in providing our customers with the ultimate entertainment TV experience. For this reason, effective June 1st, 2018, we began phasing out all MiniMax boxes.  

There are a few reasons why MiniMaxes are being phased out.

1. The technology is old and outdated.

2. They have a higher rate of failure than other boxes.

3. They do not provide the best TV viewing experience for customers.

Because of these reasons, customers are no longer able to swap out or add MiniMaxes to their accounts.

To help with this transition to other boxes, MCTV is offering High Definition (HD), Standard Definition (SD) and Fusion Player boxes FREE for 6 months and DVRs 1/2 off for 6 months. Plus, a FREE VOD coupon!*