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As low as $23.95/month for MCTV customers | $27.95/month for non-customers

Being at home is wonderful. Everyone enjoys the comforts and familiar surroundings of their own home. But, sometimes we need help. With MedAlert personal emergency response systems, that help is at your fingertips anywhere in your home.

MedAlert can be used for long-term safety of loved ones or for a short period during recovery from an illness or injury.

How Does MedAlert Work?

Get help quickly in the case of an emergency with MedAlert. When MedAlert is activated through the push of a button on the table-top console or a wearable, wireless transmitter an emergency call is made to our monitoring center. The operator will immediately act to dispatch medical personnel to your home and will call other pre-designated phone numbers for family or neighbors.

With MedAlert’s built-in two-way speaker, the operator will stay on the line to check your condition and relay information to emergency responders, saving valuable time when they arrive at your home.

Other MedAlert features:
  • Personal, wearable transmitters are wireless and waterproof to allow for freedom within your home.
  • Necklace or bracelet options are available.
  • Remote control activation with a 1000 foot range
  • Tabletop console with easily accessible emergency button
  • Long standby battery allows use during power outages