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MCTV Public WiFi


MCTV WiFi is a value-added service for MCTV BusinessPro High-Speed Internet customers that allows you to offer wireless internet access to your customers and patrons.

The MCTV WiFi network is managed through a separate Internet connection meaning you can offer WiFi service to your guests while keeping your internal network and bandwidth private and secure for your business needs.

The best part? It’s free for your business to offer and free for your customers to use!

Benefits to Your Business

  • Be part of a growing community network – the MCTV WiFi network has hundreds of locations throughout our service area and is expanding every day.
  • Improve data security – Keep your business network and bandwidth private. The MCTV WiFi network will run off of a separate modem and wireless router.
  • Pay no maintenance fees – Free service is a phone call away. Let MCTV install, manage and maintain the WiFi network for your customers. Rely on MCTV’s robust network and longstanding reputation for rapid service to keep the MCTV WiFi service in your business working properly.
  • Eliminate cost – this is a free service offered by MCTV. There are no installation or monthly service fees.
  • Improve your customers’ satisfaction – use free MCTV WiFi marketing materials (window stickers, table tents and instructions) to promote WiFi to your patrons.

Benefits to Your Customers

  • Dependable - fast connections from a name they know and trust.
  • Save money and conserve data usage - use an Internet connection instead of data from their wireless data plan.
  • Consistent - strong wireless signal throughout your business’s location and the community.
  • Convenient - one-time, simple and secure sign-on process works across all MCTV WiFi locations.
  • Universal - ALL patrons can access the MCTV WiFi network. They do not have to be an MCTV subscriber to access the network.

Becoming an MCTV WiFi Location

Use the form below to request more information

To become an MCTV Wifi location, your business must be a subscriber to MCTV’s BusinessPro High-Speed Internet. For more information, contact Gary Lyon, MCTV WiFi Project Coordinator, at 330-833-4134 x1680.

Check availability of High-Speed BusinessPro Internet service in your area.