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MCTV Public WiFi

MCTV WiFiKeep your business and customers connected with MCTV’s Public WiFi. As an MCTV BusinessPro high-speed Internet customer, you may be eligible to receive a second wireless network that is completely FREE for your patrons to enjoy.

This network is managed through a separate modem and wireless router, keeping your business data private and secure. Our team will install, manage and maintain this network for free — with no set-up charge or monthly service fee.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Join a growing business network in your community of 300+ locations
  • Improve network and data security with a separate modem and wireless router
  • Eliminate cost with no installation, maintenance or monthly service fees
  • Increase customer satisfaction by offering them a reliable WiFi connection

Benefits to Your Customers

  • Enjoy dependable, fast Internet connection
  • Save money by curbing cellphone data use
  • Sign-on with a convenient, secure process

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