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High Speed Internet Cable Modems

We provide you with a cable modem at no additional cost to you when you sign up for Internet service with MCTV. We also provide free replacement, service and upgrades if you ever have an issue with your MCTV modem.

At MCTV, we believe that providing modems to our customers allows us to troubleshoot and solve problems faster and easier to get you back online quickly.

We understand that some of our customers may decide to purchase their own modems. If you wish to purchase your own modem, please take a few minutes to learn more about compatibility of customer-owned modems.

If you also subscribe to our Home Phone service we will provide a cable modem that provides both Home Internet and Phone service.

When we install your modem it will be installed as close as possible to where the cable lines enter your home to ensure that you receive the strongest Internet signal. Our professionally-trained installers are trained to install your modem in the best place to maximize your connection.

Moving the modem may cause your Internet to stop working or a decrease in signal quality. If you need to relocate your modem, please call us at 330-833-4134 or 330-345-8114 to schedule a service call.