Can I Get MCTV?
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Home Internet Equipment

When you sign up for Internet service through MCTV, we provide you with a cable modem at no additional cost. That’s because we believe that the modem is an integral part of providing Internet service.

Providing modems gives us better insight into how our network is performing so we can quickly troubleshoot issues, should they arise. We will also provide upgraded modems to you - at no charge - when needed.

Our professional technicians install your modem in the best place to maximize your connection, ensuring you receive the strongest possible signal.

Compatible Modems

We understand that some customers may decide to purchase their own modems. If you plan to use your own modem, please review the compatibility options.

Moving Your Modem

Relocating your modem may cause your Internet to stop working or decrease the signal quality. If you need to relocate your modem, please call us at 330-833-4134 or 330-345-8114 to schedule a service appointment.