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How do I use On Demand?

Using On Demand is very easy and is free to access. There is a lot of content available On Demand for free as part of your TV subscription. You can also rent titles for a fee just like you would at a movie store. If a title has a cost associated with it, you will be notified before selecting the title.

To access On Demand, tune to CHANNEL 1 or press the ON DEMAND or VOD button on your remote control

*You may see a “loading” or “one moment please” while the On Demand menu loads


To find On Demand titles:

  1. Use the up/down arrows to navigate through the list of categories:
    1. Movies
    2. Subscription
    3. TV Networks
    4. Free
    5. Events
    6. Adult
    7. Anime
    8. Press SEL/OK to view the titles in the category. Many categories have sub-categories. View a complete list of categories.
    9. To go back a page or to the man menu, press the C button.
    10. To read a program description, press INFO.
      1. If the title has a cost, the cost will be listed in the top left of the program description.
      2. If it is has no charge, the word FREE will appear in the top left.
      3. Access to titles in the TV Networks and Subscription categories are associated with your TV subscription and have no additional charge.
      4. Many movies have free previews. To view the preview, press the DAY RIGHT ARROW (below the EXIT button) and your preview will start automatically.


To order or watch an On Demand title:

  • If the program has no cost, simply push SELECT to begin watching
  • If the program has a cost, press SELECT. You will see a screen confirming your order. Press SELECT again to purchase the title or EXIT to return to the On Demand menu.
    • If you have set up purchase controls, you will NOT see a confirmation screen. Instead, you will be asked to enter your PIN.
    • Every title has a rental period which will appear on the purchase confirmation screen and is included in the program description. You can watch the title as many times as you want during the rental period.
    • Use the DVR function buttons located in the middle of your remote control to fast forward, rewind, stop or play On Demand titles.


To resume watching an On Demand title:

  • Navigate to the category where the title is located.
  • Use the left/right arrows to navigate along the bottom navigation to PURCHASED

Choose the title you wish to watch. You can choose to resume where you left off (press PLAY) or start from the beginning (press REWIND).