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How can I prevent false alarms at my house?

You can take several steps to reduce false alarms. The first is to identify their causes.

To reduce false alarms due to human error:

  • Train the necessary people in the use of your home’s alarm system and schedule annual review sessions
  • Inform the Monitoring Center of new passcodes and arming codes, and new or removed authorized users
  • Review your alarm system operating manual. Take time to educate everyone with access to your home on proper system operation.
  • Check that all doors and windows are locked and cannot be inadvertently opened by a strong breeze

To reduce false alarms due to other factors:

  • Ensure pets do not have access to areas where they might trip a motion sensor.
  • Regular maintenance of your system including checking alarm contact switches/magnets on doors and windows for damage or loosening; checking and replacing batteries; and regular testing.
  • Make sure motion detectors are aimed away from air vents, sources of heat, fireplaces and windows
  • Advise Safeguard before any interior remodeling (including air vent repair, extensive painting, window replacement and any changes to the location of doors, walls or windows) that may affect the alarm system configuration

If there is a question as to whether or not the system is working properly, immediately contact the security provider to check the status of the system and devices.

Contact Safeguard at 330-830-2842 immediately if you believe your system is not working properly or if service adjustments are needed.