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Hosted Voice

Go beyond traditional phone service with MCTV BusinessPro’s hosted voice. With our reliable solutions, your business will experience the advanced calling features of a high-tech phone system at an affordable price.

Hosted Voice from MCTV BusinessPro is a cloud-based phone system that includes the features and capabilities of an on-premise phone system. It is an affordable solution for your next phone system. Get the features you expect from a high-end phone system, at a fraction of the cost. 

Our hosted voice capabilities include:

  • Unlimited local calling and 500 minutes of long distance calling/station per month anywhere in the US and US territories.*
  • Phone system-wide features include auto-attendant; on-hold music and messages; hunt groups, extension dialing and individual voicemail boxes.
  • User-level features include call forwarding, do-not-disturb, Caller ID and distinctive ring tones.
  • Choose from several phone models to suit your budget and needs.
For additional cost savings, bundle your hosted voice services with Internet and Television. We’ll create a customized solution tailored to fit your business.

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