Can I Get MCTV?
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Long Distance and International Calling

MCTV keeps you connected to friends and family living across the county and around the world. With our Home Phone service, we offer long distance and international calling options at affordable rates.

Local + Long Distance Phone Package: Receive 3,000 minutes/month (50 hours) of calling to anywhere in the U.S. You will be notified when you have exceeded your minutes, and any additional minutes will be charged at $0.025/minute. Track your usage online at YourStatement.

Our unlimited local phone package does not include long distance calling. If you have this package, you can make long distance calls at a rate of $0.05/minute.

International Calling Rates: We offer competitive rates for international calling outside of the U.S. Calls can also be placed through an international operator by dialing “00;” however, placing calls through the operator will incur higher charges per minute. As an added security measure, we block outgoing international calls by default. Customers may request to have those calls unblocked.