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Calling Features

Home Phone service from MCTV includes a variety of popular calling features. For information on activating or disabling these features, download our Home Phone Features Guide or click the feature below.

Some features may not be included with your Home Phone service or may have an additional charge. To see which features you receive, click here.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Blocks calls from unidentified telephone numbers.

Call Forwarding

Automatically forwards all calls to any number you choose.

Call Return

Automatically dials the last incoming call you received whether it was answered, unanswered or received a busy signal.

Call Waiting & Cancel Call Waiting

Alerts you when on the phone and another call is coming in.

On a per-call basis, the call waiting alert (beeps) can be cancelled.

Caller ID

Identifies incoming calls with the caller’s name and phone number. Customer must have a Caller ID enabled telephone set or a Caller ID box. 

Customers with Unlimited Local Phone will receive the caller’s telephone number only.

Do Not Disturb

Automatically forwards calls to voicemail (you MUST have voicemail from MCTV for this feature to work).

Per-Call Blocking

Blocks your identity (telephone number and name) when calling another telephone number.

Per-Call Number Unblocking

Unblocks your private telephone number on a per-call basis for outgoing calls.

Repeat Dialing

Keeps trying a busy number for you until the call goes through.

Three-Way Calling

Creates a three-way conference with yourself and two other callers.

Selective Call Acceptance

When turned on, accept calls from up to 12 specific telephone numbers only.

Selective Call Forwarding

Forward only calls from specific, pre-programmed telephone numbers to another designated telephone number.

Selective Call Rejection

Block up to 12 telephone numbers.

Selective Call Ring

Specify up to 12 telephone numbers that will ring with a stutter to distinguish them from other callers.

Caller ID on TV

Transmits Caller ID information (name and phone number) to your TV screen. 

Requires MCTV cable TV service and a 2-way set-top box.