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Equipment & Prices

FUSION Gateway


FUSION Multi-Room HD-DVR Gateway
(3.25" h x 13.5" w x 12.25" l)

One FUSION Gateway is needed for your house. The Gateway is what links together the FUSION Players in your house and stores all the programs you’ve recorded. If you have Internet and/or Phone services from MCTV, it also acts as your modem and WiFi router.

The FUSION Gateway does not connect to a TV set so it can be installed anywhere in your home, even in the basement.



FUSION Multi-Room HD-DVR Player
(1.875" h x 10.75" w x 6.5" l)

A FUSION Player is needed for each TV set in your house that you want to connect to FUSION. You can connect any number of FUSION Players in your home and then watch or record up to six different channels or programs simultaneously. And, because the hard drive is in the FUSION Gateway, FUSION Players are completely quiet!

Remote Control

A remote control is included with each FUSION Player.

Mix & Match

FUSION can be “mixed and matched” with our other set-top boxes. Some TV sets can be connected to FUSION while others remain connected to other types of boxes. However, TV sets not connected to FUSION will not have access to FUSION features including recorded programs.

Equipment pictured may be a different style or model than the one you receive. Prices listed do not include cost for TV, Internet or Phone service. Prices are on a monthly basis and exclude applicable taxes, fees, installation and any other one-time charges. A credit check and deposit may be required. Other restrictions may apply. Prices are subject to change.