Can I Get MCTV?
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FUSION, the multi-room HD-DVR from MCTV, takes your TV viewing to the next level.

  • Watch or record up to six shows at once and play them back in any room — all in HD.
  • Search effortlessly through live TV, DVR recordings and On Demand programs.
  • Reduce equipment clutter with an all-in-one DVR and modem.

Remote DVR Scheduler

Never miss a show again with our remote DVR scheduler. Manage your DVR online when you’re away from home.

FUSION Features

  • Integrated Search: Enter a keyword and find out what’s on across live TV, recorded programs and On Demand.
  • Personalized Guides: Customize your guide by adding favorite channels and built-in category lists.
  • Parental Controls: Set controls for TV and movie ratings or block entire channels. Prevent unwanted On Demand purchases by setting up a parental controls PIN.
  • Home Networking: Access photos, music and home movies stored on your computer right from your TV.
  • On-Screen Caller ID: See who is calling from your TV screen (available for MCTV Home Phone subscribers).
  • Large Storage Capacity: Store up to 300 hours of SD programming or up to 75 hours of HD programming with FUSION’s 500 GB hard drive. Expand your capacity with an external 8 TB eSATA drive to store up to 4800 hours of SD or 1400 hours of HD content.
FUSION Quick Reference Guide


FUSION Gateway

One FUSION Gateway is needed for your house. The Gateway connects TVs in your home to each other. With Internet or Phone services from MCTV, it also acts as your modem. It can be installed anywhere in your home, and does not need to be connected to a TV set.


The FUSION Player is a quiet, space-saving device that connects to your TV. A remote control is included with each FUSION player. A FUSION Player is needed for each TV set in your home that you want to connect to FUSION. Any number of FUSION Players can be installed in your home and to watch and record up to six different channels or programs simultaneously.

Mix & Match Equipment

FUSION can be mixed and matched with other set-top boxes from MCTV. Some TV sets can be connected to FUSION, while others remain connected to other boxes. TV sets not connected to FUSION will not have access to FUSION features including recorded programs.