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Dedicated Fiber Optic Internet

With MCTV BusinessPro dedicated fiber optic Internet, your business receives the high-bandwidth capacity it needs without sacrificing speed or network security.

Faster than any of our cable modem-based Internet options, our dedicated fiber download speeds begin at 250 Mbps and scalable to fit your organization.

Shaky connectivity and unplanned outages have a real impact on business productivity. With MCTV dedicated fiber, you’ll experience reliable, uninterrupted service while simultaneously connecting devices throughout your business including computers, laptops, smartphones, printers and more. 

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Fast, Secure Connections

  • Say so long to Internet slowdowns. From video conferencing to file sharing, users throughout your organization will find rapid, clear connections, even on high-demand networks. 
  • Up your network security. As a dedicated circuit, MCTV’s fiber optic Internet provides greater network protection than traditional copper-wire cables, so your company’s private data remains secure.   
  • Seamless integrations. MCTV has cross-connection agreements with service providers nationwide. We provide point-to-point communication solutions for businesses with multiple locations outside of our service area.

Bring the power and security of dedicated fiber optic Internet to your business. Call 330-833-4134 (Stark County) or 330-345-8114 (Wayne County) for packages and pricing.

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