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Excellerate Fiber-to-the-Home Internet

The Future of Internet is Here
More than ever, families run at an accelerated pace. Your Internet should too! MCTV now offers more with fiber-to-the-home Internet technology. Stream smoother, game harder and surf faster with Excellerate’s symmetrical download and upload speeds of 200 Mbps.
What is Excellerate? Excellerate is MCTV’s newest service that is being rolled out across our service area. It is a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network that allows us to offer symmetrical Internet speeds. MCTV is one of the first in the area and the industry to deploy this technology.
Why is Excellerate the next best thing? The construction method and technology that Excellerate uses is the latest technology available. It delivers a fiber optic connection directly from our headend to your home so we can offer faster Internet speeds. And, as the demand for faster Internet speed and more bandwidth continues to rise, Excellerate is well equipped to handle it.
What will I be able to do with Excellerate?
Excellerate services provide symmetrical upload and download speeds for Internet. Excellerate offers 100 Mbps or 200 Mbps download and upload speeds. This is especially important if your family uses multiple devices for multiple high-usage activities like streaming, gaming and video chatting. Excellerate lets you do all these things, at the same time, without sacrificing performance.
What’s different about Excellerate from my current MCTV services? Excellerate is built using a fiber-to-the-home construction. Fiber-to-the-home is exactly as it sounds. A fiber optic connection is delivered directly to your home from our headend. Our current system is a fiber-to-the-node construction. This type of system delivers services over fiber to a point in your neighborhood. From there, it is sent to your home over a coaxial cable. There are many benefits to a fiber-to-the-home system, the biggest of which is the ability to offer symmetrical (same upload and download) Internet speeds.
When can I get Excellerate? Excellerate is available on a rolling basis as construction is completed in each neighborhood. The construction of Excellerate will take time and construction will be completed over the next few years across our entire service area. Given the scope of the project, we cannot give exact dates for when it will be available in a specific neighborhood. To learn if Excellerate is available in your specific neighborhood, please call 330-833-4134 to speak with a customer service representative.