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Do you have 3-way calling or conference calling?

Yes. Our Phone service permits a 3-way conference call.

To use 3-way calling:

  1. Call one caller. When they answer, place them on hold be pressing the receiver of FLASH/LINK button for one second.
  2. You will hear a dial tone
  3. Call the second caller
    1. At this point, you can have a private conversation with the second person before connecting the call
    2. If there is no answer or the person is unavailable, press the receiver button twice. This will return the person on hold to the line.
    3. When they answer, press the receiver or FLASH/LINK button briefly.
    4. All three callers should now be connected and able to hear one another.

When either of the people you called hang up you will remain connected with the other person.

As the “center” of the conference call, if you hang up or drop the call ALL parties are dropped.

While using 3-way calling, call waiting is unavailable.