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Do I need to have a set-top box on all my TVs?

Not necessarily. MCTV is an all-digital cable system so on older TVs you will need a set-top box to view channels. We offer several styles of set-top boxes to enhance your TV viewing.

With many newer TVs you are able to access channels on our Lifeline and Basic TV lineups without the use of a set-top box. If your TV has a QAM tuner, you are able to do this. Many newer TV sets purchased after 2006 have a QAM tuner. The easiest way to tell if you TV has a QAM tuner is to look on the TV’s remote control for a button with a dash (-) or dot (.). If it has this, it has a QAM tuner.

Not all channels are available with a QAM tuner. To see what is available, view our QAM tuner channel lineup.

Most HD channels, the Basic Plus and HD Essentials packages, Premium channels and sports packages require the use of a set-top box to receive. You will also not have access to an on-screen guide, parental control or On Demand or pay-per-view.