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Channel 10

MCTV offers bulletin board-style advertising opportunities to local businesses, organizations and community members on MCTV channel 10 (standard definition) and 610 (high definition). Channel 10 can be used by organizations and individuals alike to:

  • Advertise your business – create general awareness or publicize a special promotion
  • Promote a special event
  • Announce your neighborhood’s garage sale
  • Post a “for sale” announcement for item you’re selling
  • Send a birthday or other special message to a friend

Channel 10 ads appear on 2/3 of the screen. The remainder of the screen displays the current time and weather forecasts. Ads rotate every 20 seconds and repeat approximately every 30 minutes.

Public Service Announcements

MCTV can create a public service announcement (PSA) for your organization’s event to air on Channel 10. PSAs are only created for non-profit and community organizations; they may not be used for promotion of businesses. There is no guarantee or confirmation that PSAs have run or will run. PSAs are aired at MCTV’s discretion.

To submit your PSA, fax the information to 330-833-7522 or complete the PSA submission form.

Advertise with MCTV

To learn more about MCTV’s Ad Sales services, complete the form below or contact Advertising Sales at 330-833-6655

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