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Business Internet Services

Customized Business Internet Services

Get High-Speed Internet as fast and reliable as your business. MCTV BusinessPro offers multiple tiers of service. So you get the speed you need now and the ability to scale up as your business grows. Contact us to learn about the bundled services that best fit your business High-Speed Internet, Phone and Television service needs.

Faster with Fiber — Install a dedicated fiber network

With MCTV BusinessPro dedicated fiber-optic Internet, your business receives high-bandwidth capacity with download speeds starting at 250 Mbps.

  • Offers rapid, clear connections even on high-demand networks
  • Ensures greater network security and protection for your company’s private data
  • Provides seamless integrations with service providers nationwide for businesses with multiple locations outside of the MCTV service area
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Get Business Plan Pricing

High Speed Internet

Up to

200 Mbps


  • Extremely fast, reliable Internet service
  • Heavy streaming and excellent bandwidth to support your business-wide communications

Up to

100 Mbps


  • Fast, reliable internet service
  • Plenty of bandwidth to support your business-wide communications and streaming

Up to

75 Mbps


  • Dependable speed and service
  • Stream, video conference and file share with your team

Up to

50 Mbps


  • Standard speed for small business
  • Ideal for email and web browsing

Not all speeds are available in all service areas. Speeds listed are maximum speeds. Actual speed may vary depending on the time of day and/or site visited.

Provide public WiFi for your customers

As an MCTV BusinessPro High-Speed Internet customer, you may be eligible to receive a second wireless network FREE for your patrons. This network is managed through a separate modem and wireless router to keep your business data private and secure.

  • We install, manage and maintain this network for free with no set-up cost or monthly service fee
  • Your customers sign-in through a convenient, secure process
  • Your business joins a growing network of more than 450 locations in our community
*Service not available in all areas.

Safe, secure connections for your business

We provide network security you can count on to protect your business data and deliver a safe online experience. Our engineers use advanced systems to identify and prevent potential security risks. We strive to protect your private data and deliver a safe online experience business-wide.

Open Internet Disclosure:

Open Internet Disclosure: The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) requires that we provide you with information regarding MCTV’s mass market retail broadband Internet access services, including information regarding any network management practices that MCTV employs, the performance characteristics of our services, and the commercial terms of our service offerings. The disclosure is intended to provide current and prospective subscribers (“end users”) and providers of “edge” products (i.e., providers of content, applications, service and devices accessed over or connected to MCTV’s broadband Internet access service) with sufficient information to make informed choices regarding the use of such services.

Read Open Internet Disclosure

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