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Billing and Account Support

Read through our billing and account FAQs for help troubleshooting common issues. If you do not find the information you need to resolve your problem, please contact MCTV for additional support.

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I'm starting new service. What will I have to pay at the time of installation?

At the time of installation you will need to pay:

  • Installation fees
  • Equipment and service deposits (if required)
  • Prorated amount of current month’s service (if service is installed between the 1st and 15th of the month)
  • Prorated amount of current month’s service + full amount for next month’s service (if service is installed after the 15th)
    • We collect the full amount for the following month because our bills are sent out on the 15th.

Can I get MCTV services?

If you are in our service area, you can have our Internet, TV and Phone services.

Please note that there are small areas of our service area that we cannot provide with Phone service. A representative will alert you when signing up for service if you are in one of these areas.

If your address is not in our system or we have never provided service to the address, we may need to perform an address verification to ensure we can provide service. 

How do I add someone else to my account?

You can designate other people (spouses, adult children, roommates, etc.) as authorized users on your account so we can discuss the account and payment information with them. Otherwise, we are not allowed to release this information to anyone but those named on the account.

To add an authorized user, please call our offices at 330-833-4134/330-345-8114 to speak with a representative.

How can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill online, over the phone or in-person:

Online via YourStatement

Pay with your checking account

By Phone

Call 330-833-4134 or 330-345-8114.

Pay via checking account or credit/debit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover)
*A $2.50 processing fee is applied to credit card payments taken over the phone.

By Mail

Pay via check (do not send cash)

PO Box 1000
Massillon, OH 44648-1000

In Person

Pay via cash or check at any location. Credit/debit card payments accepted at MCTV offices only (Visa, Master Card, Discover)

Please bring the remittance potion of your bill when paying in person.

Allow up to 5 business days for payments made at these locatsion (except our office) to be posted to your account)



Can I receive my monthly statement electronically?

Yes! You can choose to receive your statement electronically. You will receive an email notification when your statement is ready each month.

To receive an eStatement, login to YourStatement

If you have not already registered, click REGISTER and complete the registration form. For RECEIVE A PAPER INVOICE, select NO.

If you are already registered at YourStatement, log in and select SETTINGS. Click CHANGE beside the RECEIVE A PAPER INVOICE option to NO.

Can I set up auto-payment options?

Yes. You can choose to pay your bill automatically every month using your checking account or credit/debit card. There is no additional charge for this service.

To enroll, simply fill out the CREDIT CARD/CHECKFREE PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION form on the back of monthly statement and return with your payment.

When is my bill due?

Your account is due on the first of each month. Your account is considered past due if any charges are outstanding 30 days after the original due date for those charges. You will be charged a $3.00 late fee if your account becomes past due.

What is MCTV's policy regarding non-payment disconnection?

If any portion of your account is more than 45 days past due, your service may be disconnected at any time without notice.

If your service is disconnected, it is up to you to call the office and arrange to have the service reconnected. Service will be reconnected only after the full balance due and reconnection charge are both received.

You will receive a courtesy message via phone call or Internet browser message (MCTV Internet customers only) that your account is pending for disconnection. After that, 2-way set-top boxes or cable modems in your home will be shut off remotely. To have services restored, the entire past due balance plus a reconnection fee must be paid.

If your payment is not received, a technician will be sent to recover equipment in your home and disconnect service at the pole. If a technician is sent to your home, he or she will attempt to collect the full balance due on your account. If you decide to pay the technician, a collection charge must also be paid.

What is MCTV's billing policy?

We bill you in advance so all services are pre-paid prior to using them.

We send your monthly statement about 2 weeks ahead of time for the next month. For example, your bill for September services will arrive around August 15. We bill this way so all services are pre-paid prior to using them.

Charges for services like On Demand or Pay-Per-View appear on your next month’s statement.

Your payment is due the first of each month; however you have the entire month to pay.

For more information see:

When is my bill due?
What is MCTV’s policy regarding non-payment disconnection?

When will I receive my bill?

Bills are sent out on the 15th of every month.