Can I Get MCTV?
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MCTV believes very strongly in speaking up for our customers. That means being part of both our industry and the political/regulatory process. It is very important because, in political terms, you are either part of the process or a victim of it. Being part of the process is no guarantee that you will win, but if you don’t participate you will surely lose.

One way to speak up for our customers is to make sure you are well informed. Toward that end, MCTV maintains TV On My Side, TOMS for short. TOMS is a place where you can educate yourself about the forces at work in the TV industry, especially issues dealing with program networks and rising costs. 

MCTV is active at both the federal and state levels. Robert Gessner, president of MCTV, currently serves as Chairman of the American Cable Association (ACA). The ACA represents about 900 cable TV companies in all 50 states on issues in Congress and the Federal Communications Commission. ACA deals with sweeping and complex issues in all areas of telecommunications: TV broadcasting, cyber security, Network Neutrality, program access, media consolidation, rural broadband development and many more. For more about ACA, visit

MCTV executives also serve on the Board of the Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association (OCTA), which represents the cable TV industry at the Ohio General Assembly and the Public Utilities Commission. Like ACA, OCTA deals with a wide variety of issues like telephone deregulation, pole contact matters, sales taxes and more within the state of Ohio. Learn more at

 “The driving force behind my advocacy efforts in Washington and Columbus is consumer choice. That is a great battle for our industry right now. There are huge powerful companies that want to limit consumer choice and increase prices so they can maintain their dominance in the industry. This pursuit of dominance over the past decade has led to an untenable business model; unaffordable for consumers and unsustainable for TV providers. I am dedicated to finding a reasonable new path for our industry that respects the rights of the business interests but also gives consumers the ability to choose the products and services that best suit their families.”

-Robert Gessner, MCTV President

To read some of Robert Gessner’s efforts on these matters, click the File Downloads on the right.