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STARZ & STARZ STARZ ENCORE is home to original series that break convention and movies that continue to captivate audiences everywhere.

Starz Networks 

Your subscription to STARZ & STARZ ENCORE include:

STARZ East (SD & HD) & West (SD & HD): Immerse yourself in STARZ and discover worlds full of exciting entertainment.

STARZ Edge (SD & HD): With more original series, more hit movies and more excitement, STARZ Edge takes you into unknown territory every single day.

STARZ Cinema (SD & HD):  Challenging, gritty and exciting, STARZ Cinema takes you on unmistakable journeys.

STARZ Kids & Family (SD): Spark the imagination of the whole family with the incredible adventures on STARZ Kids & Family.

STARZ In Black (SD & HD): Get into new worlds filled with diverse, urban experiences, captivating original series and hit movies on STARZ In Black.

STARZ Comedy (SD & HD): We put you in the thick of the lunacy with STARZ Comedy, delivering brilliantly funny entertainment around the clock.

STARZ ENCORE East (SD & HD) & West (SD): You don’t have to think about where to find your favorite movies, they’re always on STARZ ENCORE. Playing favorites.

STARZ ENCORE Family (SD): Animated characters that rock, movies that bring great stories to life and inspirational shows that can pull the whole family together are playing on STARZ ENCORE Family.

STARZ ENCORE Westerns (SD): You’ll see how the west was won in classic westerns and how that spirit lives on only on STARZ ENCORE Westerns.

STARZ ENCORE Classic (SD): STARZ ENCORE Classic gives you the best selection of timeless entertainment that leaves you saying, “This one’s a classic.”

STARZ ENCORE Suspense (SD): All things that go bump in the night are waiting for you on STARZ ENCORE Suspense.

STARZ ENCORE Black East (SD) & West (SD): STARZ ENCORE Black is the destination for great dramatic performances, comedy trailblazers and iconic directors and actors who define the very best.

STARZ ENCORE Action East (SD & HD) & West (SD): Hold on tight while STARZ ENCORE Action delivers the films that get your adrenaline flowing and your heart pounding.

STARZ On Demand: Get into premieres, big hit movies and captivating original series with STARZ On Demand—ready when you are.

STARZ Play: Whenever you’re ready to enter new worlds, STARZ Play is ready to deliver. Now, all those captivating original series and must-­?see movies from STARZ stay with you…literally. From smart phones and tablets to your home computer, new adventures are waiting for you, anytime, anywhere.

Prices are on a monthly basis and exclude applicable taxes, fees, equipment, installation and any other one-time charges. A credit check and deposit may be required. You must subscribe to the STARZ & STARZ ENCORE package to view On Demand or online services. On Demand and online content is subject to change without notification. Modifying, cancelling service, disconnection or non-payment may result in different pricing. Prices are subject to change. Other restrictions may apply.

STARZ, STARZ ENCORE and related channels and service marks are the property of STARZ Entertainment, LLC. STARZ On Demand, STARZ ENCORE On Demand and STARZ Play is included with your STARZ & STARZ ENCORE subscription at no additional charge. STARZ Play is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories and requires a high speed broadband connection (a minimum 3G connection is required to use on an authorized mobile device).