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Movie Poster Boss Baby, The - $2.99
Available: November 23rd - December 22ndLength: 1:38
Description: When 7-year-old Tim discovers his new brother is a suit-wearing executive, he reluctantly agrees to team up with the Boss Baby on a secret mission filled with laughs and adventure! Stars Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi. (CC)

Movie Poster Killer Christmas - $4.99
Available: November 22nd - February 28thLength: 1:24
Description: A slow-burn suspense Christmas horror where six friends explore an abandoned hotel near a Christmas tree lot only to find themselves being murdered one-by-one by someone in a Santa mask. Stars Malcolm Xavier & PeterPaul Shaker. (CC)

Movie Poster A Christmas in New York - $3.99
Available: November 21st - February 21stLength: 0:00
Description: In the vein of Love Actually, the story follows six different couples in a posh Manhattan hotel over the course of one night just before Christmas.

Movie Poster Above Ground Level: Dubfire - $3.99
Available: November 21st - February 21stLength: 0:00
Description: With unprecedented access to Grammy award-winning DJ Dubfire and interviews with some of the world's biggest DJs, Above Ground Level is an insider's look at the world of dance music and what it takes to reach the top of the DJ game.

Movie Poster Active Adults - $4.99
Available: November 21st - January 21stLength: 1:21
Description: After college grads Malcolm and Lily fail to make it New York City they move in with Malcolm's grandparents in their 'Active Adult' community. Stars Dominic Chianese & Joanna Merlin. (CC)

Movie Poster American Jedi - $4.99
Available: November 21st - January 31stLength: 1:27
Description: AMERICAN JEDI is a documentary about a group of Star Wars fans who embark on a quest to become real life Jedi. Stars Opie Macleod & Perris Cartwright. (CC)

Movie Poster Beach Rats - $4.99
Available: November 21st - March 20thLength: 1:39
Description: Frankie (Harris Dickinson), a teenager on the edges of Brooklyn, struggles to reconcile his competing sexual desires, leaving him hurtling towards irreparable consequences. Stars Madeline Weinstein. (CC)

Movie Poster Birth of the Dragon - $4.99
Available: November 21st - April 25thLength: 1:36
Description: The legend of Bruce Lee begins in 1960s San Francisco, when Lee fights Shaolin monk Wong Jack Man in a battle for the ages. Stars Philip Wan-Lung Ng & Yu Xia. (CC)

Movie Poster Bob the Builder: Mega Machines - $4.99
Available: November 21st - March 20thLength: 1:03
Description: BOB THE BUILDER: MEGA MACHINES - Big Builds need Mega Machines! When Team Bob needs to build a new dam and reservoir for Spring City, will they be up to this mega challenge? Stars Colin Murdock & Joanne Froggat. (CC)

Movie Poster California Typewriter - $3.99
Available: November 21st - February 21stLength: 0:00
Description: Cultural historians, collectors, and various celebrity obsessives, including Tom Hanks and John Mayer, launch us into the bittersweet moment when a beloved-but-dying technology, the typewriter, faces extinction.

Movie Poster Conor Mcgregor: Notorious - $4.99
Available: November 21st - March 21stLength: 1:30
Description: CONOR MCGREGOR: NOTORIOUS - Featuring unprecedented access, never before seen moments and explosive fight footage, this is the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at a sporting icon and his spectacular rise. Stars Conor McGregor & Dee Devlin. (CC)

Movie Poster Crown Heights - $4.99
Available: November 21st - October 18thLength: 1:40
Description: Based on a true story. Colin Warner is wrongfully convicted of murder. His best friend, Carl King, devotes his life to proving Colin's innocence. Stars Lakeith Stanfield & Nnamdi Asomugha. (CC)

Movie Poster Dismissed - $4.99
Available: November 21st - January 21stLength: 1:27
Description: A discouraged high school teacher is thrilled by an honor student's arrival, until he realizes how far the vengeful pupil will go for a perfect GPA. Stars Dylan Sprouse & Kent Osborne. (CC)

Movie Poster Doug Stanhope's The Unbookables - $4.99
Available: November 21st - February 28thLength: 1:35
Description: DOUG STANHOPE'S THE UNBOOKABLES - Stand-up legend Doug Stanhope sends his hand-picked comedy pals on an insane stand-up comedy van trip across the Midwest. Stars James Inman & Andy Andrist. (CC)

Movie Poster Frosty Affair, A - $4.99
Available: November 21st - January 21stLength: 1:36
Description: A small-town teacher goes to the city for her wedding. When a blizzard strikes, she takes an adventure with a lumberjack and falls in love. Stars Jewel Staite & Shawn Roberts. (CC)

Movie Poster Good Time - $4.99
Available: November 21st - February 19thLength: 1:41
Description: Robert Pattinson stars in this thriller about a bank robber who will stop at nothing to free his brother from prison, launching him into a night-long odyssey through New York's dark and dangerous criminal underworld. Stars Jennifer Jason Leigh. (CC)

Movie Poster Hitman's Bodyguard, The - $4.99
Available: November 21st - March 31stLength: 1:58
Description: HITMAN'S BODYGUARD, THE - Ryan Reynolds & Samuel L. Jackson star in this outrageous action comedy as an elite bodyguard & renowned hitman forced to work together. In order to succeed, they have to avoid killing each other. (CC)

Movie Poster Hush Money - $4.99
Available: November 21st - March 31stLength: 1:29
Description: An art teacher's plans fall apart when he kidnaps a ballplayer's daughter to repay a debt to a ruthless mob boss. Stars Kennedy Waite & Joshua Ray. (CC)

Movie Poster Jungle - $4.99
Available: November 21st - April 21stLength: 1:55
Description: A group of friends trek into Amazon jungle with a guide who has a mysterious past. Their journey turns into terrifying ordeal as the deadliest threats of wilderness lead to an all-out fight for survival. Stars Daniel Radcliffe & Alex Russell. (CC)

Movie Poster Leap! - $4.99
Available: November 21st - May 21stLength: 1:29
Description: An orphan girl dreams of becoming a ballerina and flees her rural Brittany for Paris, where she passes for someone else and accedes to the position of pupil at the Grand Opera house. Stars Elle Fanning & Nat Wolff. (CC)

Movie Poster Mere Breath, A - $4.99
Available: November 21st - January 21stLength: 1:06
Description: (In Romanian with English subtitles) Dobrin spends most of his days praying for a miracle to happen: for his youngest daughter to get up from her wheelchair and walk. Stars Dobrin Sicrea & Lia Sicrea.

Movie Poster Miss You Already - $2.99
Available: November 21st - December 20thLength: 1:53
Description: Jess (Drew Barrymore) and Milly (Toni Collette) are lifelong best friends who laugh and cry through life's unpredictable turns. (CC)

Movie Poster My Journey Through French Cinema - $4.99
Available: November 21st - January 20thLength: 3:21
Description: MY JOURNEY THROUGH FRENCH CINEMA - (In French with English subtitles) MY JOURNEY THROUGH FRENCH CINEMA is Bertrand Tavernier's personal journey through the history of French films, told through actors and filmmakers. Stars Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Movie Poster Only God Can - $4.99
Available: November 21st - April 7thLength: 1:46
Description: The movie explores the lifetime bond of five friends struggling through life's challenges that become more difficult with each passing year. Stars Lisa Sheridan & Donna D'Ericco. (CC)

Movie Poster Rift - $4.99
Available: November 21st - February 28thLength: 1:51
Description: (In Icelandic with English subtitles) When Gunnar receives a distraught phone call from his ex, he drives up to a secluded cabin to see him. He discovers that there's more going on than he imagined. Stars Bjorn Stefansson & Sigurour or Oskarsson.

Movie Poster Ryde - $3.99
Available: November 21st - February 21stLength: 0:00
Description: A new ride share service app called RYDE is taking over what used to be the Taxi industry. But how safe is it? When a PSYCHOPATH takes over the identity of a Ryde driver, your destination may be your last!

Movie Poster Saving Christmas - $4.99
Available: November 21st - May 21stLength: 1:28
Description: In this outrageous family comedy starring Ed Asner, a gang of brainy young kids launches a bumbling investigation to reveal the truth about Santa Claus. Spoiler alert: he's real! Stars Edward Asner & Patrick Muldoon. (CC)

Movie Poster The Night Watchmen - $3.99
Available: November 21st - February 21stLength: 0:00
Description: Four inept night watchmen and a fearless tabloid journalist, fight a a horde of hungry vampires to save themselves but also the City of Baltimore. Some men were born heros but not these guys.

Movie Poster Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets - $4.99
Available: November 21st - February 28thLength: 2:17
Description: VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS - In the 28th century, Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are a team of special operatives charged with maintaining order throughout the human territories. (CC)

Movie Poster Villainess, The - $4.99
Available: November 21st - February 21stLength: 2:04
Description: (In Korean with English subtitles) Honed from childhood into a killing machine, assassin Sook-hee is recruited as a sleeper agent with promise of freedom and a normal life after ten years of service. Stars Kim Ok-vin & Shin Ha-kyun.

Movie Poster We've Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew - $4.99
Available: November 21st - January 21stLength: 1:28
Description: WE'VE FORGOTTEN MORE THAN WE EVER KNEW - A pair of survivors encounters the ruins of a vanished society. What they discover will threaten their relationship, their memories, and their future. Stars Louisa Krause & Aaron Stanford. (CC)

Movie Poster Work, The - $4.99
Available: November 21st - January 21stLength: 1:30
Description: A group of volunteers lead convicts through intensive group therapy, revealing an intimate and powerful portrait of authentic human transformation that transcends what we think of as rehabilitation. (CC)

Movie Poster Sunset Park - $4.99
Available: November 20th - February 28thLength: 1:29
Description: Boxer Gino Sarcione is forced to take his fight outside the ring into the back alleys of Sunset Park to stand up for what's right and protect those he loves. Stars Michael Trevino & Robert Miano. (CC)

Movie Poster Guardians of the Galaxy - $2.99
Available: November 18th - February 17thLength: 2:01
Description: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY - From Marvel, the studio that brought you Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers, comes a new team-the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY-in an action-packed, epic space adventure. Stars Benicio Del Toro, Bradley Cooper. (CC)

Movie Poster Promise, The (2017) - $2.99
Available: November 18th - December 17thLength: 2:13
Description: A sweeping epic set in the last days of the Ottoman Empire. THE PROMISE is an inspirational story of love, survival, and resilience. Stars Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon. (CC)

Movie Poster Almost Friends - $6.99
Available: November 17th - January 16thLength: 0:00
Description: Once a promising young chef, Charlie is now an unmotivated twenty-something who lives at home with his mother and stepfather. His life takes a turn however, when he finds himself unexpectedly falling for local barista Amber.

Movie Poster Mully - $4.99
Available: November 17th - February 15thLength: 1:21
Description: Mully depicts the extraordinary rags-to-riches story of Charles Mully, whose meteoric rise from orphaned poverty in Kenya leads him on an unimaginable journey of selflessness. Stars Esther Mully. (CC)

Movie Poster Alice in Wonderland (1951) - $2.99
Available: November 15th - February 14thLength: 1:15
Description: ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1951) - Join Alice as she falls into the madcap world of Wonderland and meets extraordinary characters such as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Mad Hatter, and the frantically late White Rabbit. Stars Bill Lee, Bill Thompson. (CC)

Movie Poster Aristocats, The - $2.99
Available: November 15th - February 14thLength: 1:19
Description: A pedigreed cat and her three kittens are catnapped by a greedy butler who hopes to gain the inheritance left to them. Things look hopeless until they are befriended by Thomas O'Malley. Stars Eva Gabor, George Lindsey. (CC)

Movie Poster Black Cauldron, The - $2.99
Available: November 15th - February 14thLength: 1:20
Description: The fearsome Horned King will do anything to possess the Black Cauldron, but he is challenged by the most unlikely adversary: a young assistant pig keeper named Taran. Stars Adele Malis-Morey, Arthur Malet. (CC)

Movie Poster Despicable Me - $2.99
Available: November 15th - May 14thLength: 1:35
Description: Vying to be 'World's Greatest Villain', Gru and his crew of hilarious minions plot the crime of the century: steal the moon - but he meets his match when three little girls steal his heart. Stars Steve Carell, Jason Segel. (CC)

Movie Poster Dumbo - $2.99
Available: November 15th - February 14thLength: 1:04
Description: The inspirational tale of Dumbo, the courageous baby elephant who uses his sensational ears to soar to fame with the help of his clever friend Timothy Q. Mouse, will thrill and delight audiences of all ages. Stars Cliff Edwards, Edward Brophy. (CC)

Movie Poster Emperor's New Groove, The - $2.99
Available: November 15th - February 14thLength: 1:18
Description: EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE, THE - An emperor learns a few life lessons after being turned into a llama. Stars David Spade, Eartha Kitt. (CC)

Movie Poster Goofy Movie, A - $2.99
Available: November 15th - February 14thLength: 1:18
Description: This rockin' and rollin' tale finds Goofy and his teenage son, Max, up to their floppy ears in misadventure. Stars Bill Farmer, Frank Welker. (CC)

Movie Poster Hercules - $2.99
Available: November 15th - February 14thLength: 1:33
Description: Hercules must go from zero to hero to save the universe from Hades. Stars Amanda Plummer, Barbara Barrie. (CC)

Movie Poster Lilo & Stitch - $2.99
Available: November 15th - February 14thLength: 1:25
Description: Lilo's an independent little girl; Stitch is a mischievous creature from outer space, and when their worlds collide, it's love - and chaos! - at first sight. Stars Amy Hill, Christopher Michael Sanders. (CC)

Movie Poster Minions - $2.99
Available: November 15th - May 14thLength: 1:31
Description: Three unlikely heroes - Kevin, Stuart, and Bob - embark on a journey to find a new despicable leader for their tribe and save all of Minionkind from annihilation. Stars Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm. (CC)

Movie Poster Oliver & Company - $2.99
Available: November 15th - February 14thLength: 1:14
Description: Oliver, a feisty young cat, explores New York in this animated classic featuring unforgettable songs performed by Billy Joel, Huey Lewis and Bette Midler! Stars Bette Midler, Billy Joel. (CC)

Movie Poster Pocahontas - $2.99
Available: November 15th - February 14thLength: 1:21
Description: Experience Disney's POCAHONTAS: an epic tale of friendship and courage. Stars Billy Connolly, Christian Bale. (CC)

Movie Poster Rescuers Down Under, The - $2.99
Available: November 15th - February 14thLength: 1:17
Description: RESCUERS DOWN UNDER, THE - The world's bravest mice, Bianca and Bernard, race to Australia to save a boy and a rare golden eagle from a murderous poacher. Stars Bob Newhart, Eva Gabor. (CC)

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