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  Our rates for TV service will change effective February 1, 2014. Many of you may be wondering why, year after year, your rates continue to increase. The answer is simple Ė the cost for us to buy the TV networks you enjoy keeps increasing. When we're negotiating new rates with TV networks, our customers are our #1 priority and we fight to keep these increases as low as possible.

Why Are My Rates Going Up?
The answer is simple - the owners of the content, networks like ESPN, Fox News, MTV and all the rest, want more of everything. They want more money for their networks. They want us to carry more of their networks. And, they want all of their networks to be on Basic Cable.

The problem of rising costs is not a problem unique to MCTV. All TV providers, including UVerse, DISH, DirecTV and traditional cable TV companies are faced with increasing programming costs.

Where Does the Money Go?
Despite all the channels you receive, the money goes to only a few companies. Seven large media companies own or control programming that accounts for 95% of US TV viewing including:
  • All five broadcast TV networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW)
  • 1,025 local TV stations
  • 130 national cable networks (like ESPN, Fox News and MTV)
These companies control 80% of the channels on Basic Cable, receive 95% of the program fees and account for almost all of the rate increase.* They use their overwhelming control of the US TV system to minimize consumer choice, to increase prices and to force more networks onto Basic Cable.

*$0.48 went to local Cleveland stations and small network owners

What is MCTV Doing to Keep My Rates Low?
MCTV does not benefit from rate increases, it all passes through to the networks. We work hard to keep our other costs (gasoline, health care, electricity) low and spend our money wisely.

We are actively engaged in Washington, DC trying to change the system. It is a long and difficult process but there is hope. Several new laws have been proposed in Congress to reduce the ability of TV stations and network owners to raise prices. We support these efforts on our own and through the American Cable Association.

MCTV belongs to the National Cable Television Cooperative, a nationwide organization representing millions of consumers. NCTC negotiates for program networks on behalf of hundreds of local cable companies to gain lower rates. Without the NCTC's hard work, our rates would probably be 25% higher!

What Can I Do?

Educate yourself! TV stations and networks love to paint cable companies as the bad guys in these fights. We're on your side. We fight hard for our customers to get the best rates possible! Get the facts and learn more at

Tell Congress it's time to make a change! Click here to send a letter to your representatives in Washington. Let them know it's time to change outdated and unfair laws that are forcing you to pay more for TV!

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