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Support Center

Explore our support center for help troubleshooting common issues. If you do not find the information you need to resolve your problem, please contact MCTV for additional support.

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Do I need a landline phone to use MedAlert?

Yes. MedAlert offers cellular and broadband Internet monitoring services in the event that you do not have a landline phone. Call 30-830-8242 for details.

What if I am on the phone when I need to use my pendant?

If you are on the phone connected directly to the unit, the medical monitoring system will disconnect your call and send the emergency signal.

If you are on another phone in your home, then the medical monitoring system will attempt to dial the monitoring station eight times. If at the end of this calling sequence, the unit has still failed to communicate, a high-pitched tone will be emitted alerting the customer that it has failed to communicate.

How long is a typical medical monitoring system agreement?

There is no contract for MedAlert.

Do I need to test my MedAlert unit?

Yes. The medical alert system should be tested at a minimum, monthly.

Instructions for testing the unit are included as part of the information presented when the medical alert system was installed. For instructions, click here.

How do I test my MedAlert unit?

To test your MedAlert unit, simply press the Emergency/Help button. When the operator connects to your unit to make sure everything is ok, tell them that you are performing a test of the equipment.

How large is the pendant?

The pendant is very small and lightweight. You have the option of selecting to wear the pendant as a necklace or on your wrist with a wrist-strap.

Can I wear the pendant in the shower?

Yes. The transmitter on the pendant is waterproof and designed to operate in the shower.

Does the pendant work when I'm outside checking my mailbox or gardening?

It is possible that MedAlert will work outside of your home. The distance will vary based on interference from other radio frequencies and the building materials of your home. If you are concerned about the unit working while you are outside, please have the MedAlert technician test the unit’s range when it is installed.

What happens if I drop the base unit or pendant?

Follow the test procedure immediately to ensure the medical alert system is working properly. For instructions to test your unit, click here.

What is MedAlert?

MedAlert is a personal protection system consisting of a base unit and wearable pendants that provides professional assistance at the touch of a button.

How does MedAlert work?

When the large EMERGENCY button is pressed on the base unit or the wearable pendant button is pushed, a telephone call is placed to trained monitoring operators in our Monitoring Center. Along with the phone call, digital information including your name, address and medical information is automatically sent to the operator.

The operator will immediately dispatch medical personnel to your home and will also call other people – relatives, friends or neighbors – on your custom call list.

Can I talk with the operator during an emergency?

Yes. After the emergency call is placed, the operator will converse with you through the base unit’s built-in speakerphone. The operator will check on your condition and can relay that information to first responders or concerned parties.

Is MedAlert Medicaid approved?

Yes. MedAlert is an approved vendor for Medicaid’s Passport Program through the Area Agency on Aging.

Do I need to live in MCTV's service area to get MedAlert?

We can install and monitor MedAlert systems outside of the MCTV service. However, there may be limitations or additional costs. Call MedAlert at 330-830-2842 for details.

Can I have MedAlert if I'm in a nursing home?

 Yes, MedAlert can be installed in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Call MedAlert at 330-830-2842 for details.

Can I suspend my MedAlert service periodically if I'm entering the hospital or nursing home?

Depending on the length of time you will be away, we are able to temporarily suspend your MedAlert service. Call MedAlert at 330-830-2842 for details.

Set-Top Box Reference Guides

How do I sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry?

The National Do Not Call Registry was created by the federal government to make it easier and more efficient for you to stop getting telemarketing calls that you do NOT want.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the individual states enforce the Do Not Call Registry.

Placing your number on the registry will stop most, but not all, telemarketing calls.  The FTC and most states allow companies an exemption to call phone numbers on the Registry when the companies have an existing business relationship with the owner of the phone number.  Calls from or on behalf of political organizations, charities and telephone surveyors are still permitted.

To register for and learn more about the Do Not Call Registry, visit www.donotcall.gov or call 1-888-382-1222 toll-free from the number you wish to register.

MCTV Subscriber Policy Notice

To read MCTV's subscriber policies and agreements, visit our Legal Notices page.

How can I check my @sssnet email?

There are several ways to check your email. Any program that supports POP3 can be used to check your @sssnet.com email.

Many devices come pre-installed with an email program that can easily be set up to work with your @sssnet.com email. Other free programs include Windows Essential (formerly Windows Live Mail), Mac Mail and Thunderbird. Depending on the device and program, you can create address books, file messages and customize your email signature. Customers are encouraged to do their own research before installing any program on their device.

You can also check your email online from any device at http://quickpop.sssnet.com. Simply enter your username (the part before @sssnet.com) and password to check your mail. If you are using a public computer, be sure to log out once you’re done. You can only send and receive emails using this program. It does not have an integrated contact list or many of the features other email programs have.

Can I use MCTV as a credit reference for myself or my business?

Yes, you can use MCTV as a credit reference if you are starting a new business or for personal reasons, such as purchasing a new home. MCTV cannot release any information regarding your account or personally identifiable information without your written consent. For MCTV to release this information, please complete and submit an authorization form.

Does MCTV offer 4K content?

MCTV does not offer any 4K content at this time. There are very few titles available in 4K and the majority of cable and satellite TV providers do not have any 4K offerings. There are limited titles available through streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. If you have a 4K TV set and plan to use a streaming service to watch 4K content, you may need to upgrade your Internet package in order to have enough bandwidth to stream video.