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Support Center

Explore our support center for help troubleshooting common issues. If you do not find the information you need to resolve your problem, please contact MCTV for additional support.

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What is MCTV's policy on account credit for loss of service?

If your service is interrupted for more than 24 hours after you have reported a problem, you may request a credit for the period during which your service was not working by calling us at 330-833-4134/330-345-8114.

Will I receive a refund if I cancel or change my services in the middle of the month?

Yes, we will provide refunds or credits for changes in service.

If you are cancelling or disconnecting your services completely, we will prorate your last month of service if we are notified in advance. Otherwise, we will refund you for the portion of the month after you cancelled services. Refunds are mailed monthly or given in cash at our main office.

If you are downgrading or cancelling one product, we will credit the refund amount to your account. Cash refunds are available to active subscribers at our main office.

Is there a charge to have a technician visit my home?

If the problem is beyond your control (broken equipment, bad cable lines, etc.) you will not be charged for our visit.

However, if the problem is deemed to be the result of customer equipment or self-installed wiring, a minimum charge of $50 will apply.

Damaged aerial and underground drops have a minimum charge of $35 but the total cost will be determined by the time and supplies needed.

What should I do if my service isn't working?

First, try to determine the cause of a problem before you call.

If it is a problem on your TV, check to see if the issue is happening on all TV sets in your home. Also, check to make sure the problem isn’t just with one channel by changing the channel.

You can also try rebooting your equipment. Click the links below for instructions on rebooting equipment.

Rebooting your modem

Rebooting a set-top box

It is not recommended that you reboot a FUSION system. If you are experiencing issues with your FUSION system, please call us.

If this does not solve the problem or you are unable to reboot the equipment, call our office at 330-833-4134/330-345-8114.

During normal office hours, your call will be answered by one of our representatives and we will get someone to your home as soon as possible-usually that very same day. If it is after hours, your call will be recorded and returned the following day. Please make sure to leave your name, address and phone number when leaving a message.

What equipment am I responsible for maintaining?

MCTV is responsible for maintaining and repairing all wiring and equipment located outside of your home including trunk and distribution cables, taps, home service drops and ground blocks. MCTV will also maintain any wiring and/or equipment we install inside your home including cable modems and set-top boxes.

You are responsible for maintaining and repairing all wiring inside your home including, but not limited to, wiring, connectors, splitters, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, video game consoles, computers and any other active or passive home electronic equipment you have connected to our system. If there is a problem with the wiring inside your home, you can choose to fix the problem yourself, have MCTV make the repairs for a fee or hire an electrician to make repairs.

Can I suspend my services if I'm going out of town?

Yes. Please call 330-833-4134/330-345-8114 for details.

I'm moving into a new house. What do I need to do to transfer my service?

If you’re moving, please contact us at least a week ahead of time so we can transfer your services.

I need to disconnect my services. How do I schedule a disconnect?

First of all, we’re sorry to see you go! If you change your mind, please call us at 330-833-4134/330-345-8114 to reconnect your service.

To schedule a disconnect, please contact us at least a week in advance so we can schedule an appointment to pick up your equipment and turn off service. You can also return equipment to our offices. If you have already been billed for that month’s service, we can provide a refund.

What is MCTV's billing policy?

We bill you in advance so all services are pre-paid prior to using them.

We send your monthly statement about 2 weeks ahead of time for the next month. For example, your bill for September services will arrive around August 15. We bill this way so all services are pre-paid prior to using them.

Charges for services like On Demand or Pay-Per-View appear on your next month’s statement.

Your payment is due the first of each month; however you have the entire month to pay.

For more information see:

When is my bill due?
What is MCTV’s policy regarding non-payment disconnection?

I'm starting new service. What will I have to pay at the time of installation?

At the time of installation you will need to pay:

  • Installation fees
  • Equipment and service deposits (if required)
  • Prorated amount of current month’s service (if service is installed between the 1st and 15th of the month)
  • Prorated amount of current month’s service + full amount for next month’s service (if service is installed after the 15th)
    • We collect the full amount for the following month because our bills are sent out on the 15th.

When will I receive my bill?

Bills are sent out on the 15th of every month.

Can my bill be sent to a different address?

Yes, we can set up a special billing address that is different than the address where you receive service. To change your billing address, call us at 330-833-4134/330-345-8114.

Can MCTV bill another person in my home for a separate service? i.e. bill me for cable TV service and bill my roommate for Internet service.

No. all services for your home will appear on a single invoice.

I lost my statement. Can I get another one?

Yes. You can log on to YourStatement and print a new one. Or, you may call our office at 330-833-4134/330-345-8114 to have a new one sent to your home.

How do I add someone else to my account?

You can designate other people (spouses, adult children, roommates, etc.) as authorized users on your account so we can discuss the account and payment information with them. Otherwise, we are not allowed to release this information to anyone but those named on the account.

To add an authorized user, please call our offices at 330-833-4134/330-345-8114 to speak with a representative.

What is FUSION?

FUSION is our multi-room HD-DVR. FUSION allows you to:

  • Watch or record up to six shows at the same time, all in HD
  • Watch recordings on any TV in your house. Or, start watching a program in one room and finish watching it later in another room
  • Large recording capacity of up to 300 hours of SD or 70 hours of HD content
  • Search effortlessly through live TV, DVR recordings and On Demand choices from one screen
  • Control your DVR from many devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) even when you’re away from home
  • All-in-one DVR, modem and wireless router reduces equipment clutter and creates a home network throughout your home
  • Create a home network to stream pictures, home movies and music from your computer to your TV
  • On-Screen Caller ID to see who’s calling right from your TV screen (available to MCTV Home Phone customers only)

What equipment do I need for FUSION?

FUSION requires two pieces of equipment:

FUSION Gateway
you need one FUSION Gateway for your entire home. This is the device that brings Internet, TV, Phone and WiFi together. The FUSION Gateway does not connect to a TV set so it can be installed anywhere in your house.

FUSION Players
The FUSION Player is the quiet, space-saving device that connects to each TV set in your house. You will need one FUSION Player per TV. You can connect any number of FUSION Players in your home and then watch or record up to six different programs simultaneously. A remote control is provided with each FUSION Player.

Do I have to have FUSION on every TV in my house?

No, you can "mix and match" with FUSION. Some TV sets can continue to operate with other set-top boxes or no set-top box at all. These sets, however, will not have access to FUSION features.

How many hours of programming can I record with FUSION?

With the standard 500 gigabyte hard drive, you can store about 300 hours of SD or 75 hours of HD programming. Add an optional SATA drive (up to 8 terabytes) and store up to about 4,000 hours of SD or 1,200 hours of HD. 

What special features are available in the menu?

The FUSION Menu offers several great features:

  • Integrated search across live TV, recorded programs and On Demand programs so you can find out what’s on across all feeds
  • Personalize your guide by selecting your favorite channels and hiding the ones you don’t watch. Or use the built-in category lists and view programs by categories such as movies, kids, sports and more.
  • Access to parental controls for each TV in your home. Set controls for TV or movie ratings or block entire channels and set purchase controls to prevent unwanted On Demand or Pay-Per-View purchases.

For those that like the traditional grid guide, it’s still available! You can easily switch between the FUSION guide and the familiar grid guide.

What does 'Multi-Room HD DVR' mean?

Multi-Room HD DVR means you record a show from any FUSION Player (including series recording) and then watch it from any other FUSION Player. You can also manage all of your recorded shows from any FUSION Player regardless of where the recording was originally scheduled. 

How can I manage my DVR recordings?

  • "Manage" means recording, watching, deleting or setting recording options.
  • You can manage DVR recordings from just about any place you can see the program name including:
    • the channel listings on the FUSION guide
    • search results
    • Recorded TV menu from any FUSION Player.
  • You can also find all of your recordings (and scheduled recordings) by pressing the DVR button on your remote control.

How many programs can I record/view at one time?

You can watch or record up to six shows at one time. All six programs can be in HD!

How do I know if all 6 tuners are being used?

FUSION has a built-in conflict detection system. A message will appear on screen anytime you try to use more than six tuners at one time. You may be recording four shows and watching live TV on two FUSION Players. That’s fine. But if you try to record or watch a seventh show at the same time, the conflict detection message provides you with a menu so you can decide how to resolve the conflict.

How do I set my personal recording preferences when scheduling recordings?

  1. Select MENU
  2. Navigate to RECORDED TV using the left/right arrows
  3. Select OPTIONS
  4. Choose the preference you wish to change:
    • Set Recording Defaults – Lets you choose automatic settings for recordings, such as starting or stopping early or late, how many episodes to keep, how long to keep programs before deletion and whether first run or repeat episodes will be recorded.
    • Set Series Options – Lets you change priority, cancel series, see all times and set recording options for the entire series.
    • Review cancelled and deleted recordings – This is a parental feature that allows anyone to know every program that has been recorded, even after it has been deleted.
    • Review, programs scheduled to record – Lists all programs currently scheduled to record.
    • Check Recording Space - Provides detail on remaining recording space.