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IT Guys

IT GUYS is a no-hassle service provided to MCTV BusinessPro High-Speed Internet customers for help with Internet and computer problems. Our IT GUYS are trained to deal with many different types of computers and computer issues including viruses, filesharing issues and hardware problems.

Please note that our IT GUYS can only help with limited issues on tablets and Chromebooks due to the cloud-based software and programs utilized by those devices.

For a small hourly fee, IT GUYS will visit your office to help resolve your issues. If the problem is deemed to be a result of your Internet service, the charge will be waived.

Prices for IT GUYS service are subject to change. IT GUYS services do not include problems relating to printers, cameras, scanners, copiers, wireless mouse or keyboard issues, non-Internet related expansion boards, Vonage or other VoIP phone systems, formatting or reloading of Windows, inspecting or deleting customer’s personal files, copy or transfer of customer files or loading software – except software to fix a problem we support. IT GUYS do not help with setting up new computers. MCTV is not responsible for data lost during servicing.